b'Duplicating processesUse For: Drum Dual-career marriageBroader Term(s): Musical instruments Use: Dual-career familiesPercussion instruments Dual-income couplesDrunk driving Use: Dual-career familiesDewey: 363.12; 364.1 DucksUse For: Driving under the influence of Dewey: 598.4; 636.5alcohol; Driving while intoxicated Broader Term(s): BirdsBroader Term(s): Crime PoultryDrinking of alcoholic beveragesDuctless glandsDrunkards Use: Endocrine glandsUse: AlcoholicsDue process of lawDrunkenness Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Alcoholism Dewey: 347Temperance Scope Note: Use for materials on the regularDry cleaning administration of the law, accordingDewey: 667 to which citizens may not be deniedUse For: Clothing and dressDry cleaning their legal rights and all laws mustBroader Term(s): Cleaning conform to fundamental andaccepted legal principles. MaterialsDry farming on legal hearings before an impartialGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically and disinterested tribunal are enteredDewey: 631.5 under Fair trial.Use For: Farming, Dry Use For: Procedural due process; SubstantiveBroader Term(s): Agriculture due processBroader Term(s): Administration of justiceDry goods Civil rightsUse: Fabrics Narrower Term(s):Fair trialDrying DuelingDewey: 660 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySee Also: materials, products, or objects dried Dewey: 179.7; 394with the subdivision Drying, e.g. Use For: FightingFlowersDrying [to be added as Broader Term(s): Manners and customsneeded] Martial artsBroader Term(s): Industrial chemistry Narrower Term(s):FencingDual career family DukhoborsUse: Dual-career families Use: DoukhoborsDual-career couples Dumps, ToxicUse: Dual-career families Use: Hazardous waste sitesDual-career families DunesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Sand dunesDewey: 306.85; 646.7Scope Note: Use for materials on families in Dunton-Laurendeau Commissionwhich both the husband and wife are Use: Canada. Royal Commission onpursuing careers. Bilingualism and BiculturalismUse For: Dual career family; Dual-career Duplicate bridgecouples; Dual-career marriage; Use: Bridge (Game)Dual-income couples; Two-careercouples; Two-career families; Duplicating machinesTwo-career family; Two-income Use: Copying machinesfamilies; Working couplesBroader Term(s): Family Duplicating processesRelated Term(s): Work and family Use: Copying processes317'