b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsDurable power of attorney See Also: types of dyes and types of dyeing [toUse: Power of attorney be added as needed]Dust Broader Term(s): ColorDewey: 551.51 PigmentsUse For: Atmospheric dust; Dust particles Textile chemistryBroader Term(s): Air pollution Textile industryNarrower Term(s):BatikDust particles Tie dyeingUse: Dust Related Term(s): BleachingDust storms Dying childrenGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Terminally ill childrenDewey: 551.55Broader Term(s): Droughts Dying patientsErosion Use: Terminally illStorms DynamicsDust, Radioactive Dewey: 531Use: Radioactive fallout Use For: KineticsBroader Term(s): MathematicsDusting and spraying MechanicsUse: Spraying and dusting Narrower Term(s):AerodynamicsDuties AstrodynamicsUse: Tariff Chaos (Science)Taxation HydrodynamicsKinematicsDuty MatterDewey: 170 MotionBroader Term(s): Ethics Quantum theoryHuman behavior ThermodynamicsNarrower Term(s):Conscience Related Term(s): Force and energyVocation PhysicsStaticsDVDsDewey: 004.5 DynamiteUse For: Videodiscs Dewey: 662Broader Term(s): Optical storage devices Broader Term(s): ExplosivesDwarf trees DynamosDewey: 582.16; 635.9 Use: Electric generatorsSee Also: types of dwarf trees, e.g. Bonsai [to Dyslexiabe added as needed] Dewey: 371.91; 616.85Broader Term(s): Trees Broader Term(s): Reading disabilityNarrower Term(s):BonsaiDwarfism DyspepsiaDewey: 616.4 Use: IndigestionUse For: Growth retardation DysphasiaBroader Term(s): Growth disorders Use: Language disordersDwellings Dystopian fictionUse: Domestic architecture Dewey: 808.3Houses Scope Note: Use for imaginative accounts ofHousing dystopian societies. Materials onDyes and dyeing theoretical dystopias are enteredGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically under Dystopias.Dewey: 667; 746.6 Use For: DystopiasFictionBroader Term(s): Fantasy fictionScience fiction318'