b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsArctic regions GeographyArid regions GeologyAtmosphere GeophysicsContinents MeteorologyEarthquakes OceanographyGaia hypothesis WaterGeodesy Related Term(s): EarthGeography Earth sheltered housesIce ageLatitude Dewey: 690; 728Longitude Use For: Underground housesOcean Broader Term(s): House constructionSeas HousesTropics Underground architectureRelated Term(s): Biosphere Earth, Effect of man onEarth sciences Use: Human influence on natureGeologyPhysical geography Earth-friendly technologyEarthAge Use: Green technologyDewey: 551.7 EarthenwareEarthChemical composition Use: PotteryUse: Geochemistry Earthly paradiseEarthCrust Use: ParadiseDewey: 551.1 Earthquake effectsBroader Term(s): EarthInternal structure Use types of structures with the subdivision EarthquakeNarrower Term(s):Plate tectonics effects, e.g. SkyscrapersEarthquake effects [toRelated Term(s): EarthSurface be added as needed]EarthGravity Earthquake sea wavesUse: Gravity Use: TsunamisEarthInternal structure EarthquakesDewey: 551.1 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyNarrower Term(s):EarthCrust Dewey: 551.22EarthMagnetism Use For: Seismography; SeismologySee Also: types of structures subject toUse: Geomagnetism earthquake forces with theEarthSurface subdivision Earthquake effects, e.g.Dewey: 551.1 SkyscrapersEarthquakeUse For: Surface of the earth effects [to be added as needed]Narrower Term(s):Landforms Broader Term(s): EarthRelated Term(s): EarthCrust GeologyNatural disastersEarth fills Physical geographyUse: Landfills Narrower Term(s):BuildingsEarthquake effectsEarth magnetic field SkyscrapersEarthquakeUse: Geomagnetism effectsEarth sciences EarthquakesCaliforniaDewey: 550 Dewey: 551.220979Use For: Geoscience EarthquakesCanadaBroader Term(s): Physical sciences Dewey: 551.220971ScienceNarrower Term(s):Climate EarthquakesUnited StatesGeochemistry Dewey: 551.220973320'