b'EasterEarthquakes and building East GothsUse: BuildingsEarthquake effects Use: GothsEarthworks (Archeology) East Indian artUse: Excavations (Archeology) Use: Indian artEarthworks (Art) East Indian cookingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Indian cookingDewey: 709.04 East Indian dramaUse For: Landscape sculpture; Site orientedart Use: Indian dramaBroader Term(s): Art East Indian drama (English)East Use: Indian drama (English)Use: Asia East Indian epic poetryEast (Canada) Use: Indian epic poetryUse: Eastern Canada East Indian fictionEast (Far East) Use: Indian fictionUse: East Asia East Indian fiction (English)East Africa Use: Indian fiction (English)Dewey: 967.6 East Indian languagesScope Note: Use for materials dealing Use: Indian languagescollectively with the eastern regionsof Africa. The term usually includes East Indian literaturethe areas now occupied by Burundi, Use: Indian literatureKenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda,and Somalia, and sometimes Malawi East Indian literature (English)and Mozambique as well. Use: Indian literature (English)Use For: Africa, East; Africa, Eastern; East Indian paintingEastern Africa Use: Indian paintingBroader Term(s): AfricaEast and West East Indian philosophyUse: Indian philosophyDewey: 306; 909Scope Note: Use for materials on both East Indian poetryacculturation and cultural conflict Use: Indian poetrybetween Asian and Occidentalcivilizations. East Indian poetry (English)Broader Term(s): International relations Use: Indian poetry (English)Narrower Term(s):AsiaCivilization East Indian sculptureOrientalism Use: Indian sculptureWestern civilizationRelated Term(s): Acculturation East IndiansEast Asia Use: IndiansDewey: 950 East TimorScope Note: Use for materials that deal Dewey: 959.87collectively with the eastern regions Scope Note: May be subdivided like Unitedof Asia including China, Japan, States except for History.Korea, and Taiwan.Use For: East (Far East); Far East; Orient EasterBroader Term(s): Asia Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRelated Term(s): Pacific rim Dewey: 263; 394.2667Broader Term(s): Christian holidaysEast Germany Holy WeekUse: Germany (East) Related Term(s): Lent321'