b'Some Difficult Areas of Application / Literatureminority groups written in their own language are given the name of the language, such as Navajoliterature.Literary WorksItems that are literary works themselves are of two types: collections of several authors, oranthologies, and works by a single author, or individual literary works. Literary anthologies aregiven a heading for the most specific literary form that includes every item in the anthology. Verygeneral anthologies are given broad headings, such as LiteratureCollections; Poetry Collections; or DramaCollections. Anthologies of national literatures and the forms of nationalliteratures are given the headings for those literatures or forms with the subdivision Collections,such as American literatureCollections and Italian poetryCollections. Headings for minorliterary genres, such as Science fiction or Pastoral poetry, are usually assigned to anthologieswithout any subdivision.Traditionally the literary works of individual authors receive no subject headings. Literary works arebest known by author and title, and readers usually want a specific novel or play, or poetry by aspecific poetmaterial that can be located in the catalog by the author and title entries. Headingsdescribing the major literary forms (such as Drama, Fiction, and Poetry) and the headings for themajor forms of a national literature (such as Irish drama, Russian fiction, and Italian poetry) arenever assigned to an individual work or to a collection by a single author. It would becounterproductive, for example, to assign the heading Fiction to every novel in a libraryscollection, since the numbers of records with the same heading would be impracticably large.Furthermore, the form and national origin of a work are expressed in the classification.In recent years, however, many libraries have felt the need for access by genre to individual worksof imaginative literature. In the Sears List the headings for minor literary forms and genressuchas Ballads, Fables, Fairy tales, Horror fiction, Science fiction, etc. - are identified in the scopenotes as applicable to individual works as well as to collections and materials about the topic. Ifthere is no scope note indicating that a literature heading can be applied to an individual work, it canbe assumed that it is not intended to be so applied. This policy is in accordance with the Guidelineson Subject Access to Individual Works of Fiction, Drama, etc. prepared by the Subcommittee onSubject Access to Individual Works of Fiction, Drama, etc., of the ALA Subject AnalysisCommittee (ALA, 1990; 2nd ed., 2000). It varies from the usage of the Library of Congress SubjectCataloging Manual in that it allows form and genre access to certain kinds of literary works that areoften requested in libraries. Genre headings with national or linguistic adjectives, such asAustralian science fiction or Latin epic poetry, are applicable to collections but are never assignedto individual works. If they were assigned to individual works, since all authors fall into the purviewof one nationality or another, there would be nothing remaining under the heading Science fictionor Epic poetry but collections of international scope. Likewise, the cataloger is discouraged fromadding the qualifier juvenile to the genre headings. The subdivision Juvenile literature may beadded to genre headings in libraries where it is necessary to distinguish juvenile materials fromadult materials, that is, in libraries not devoted exclusively or primarily to childrens materials, orA-37'