b'EcomarketingEcclesiastical biography Use For: Balance of nature; Biology Use: Christian biography Ecology; EcosystemsEcclesiastical fasts and feasts See Also: types of ecology, e.g. MarineUse: Religious holidays ecology; and types of animals,plants, and crops with theEcclesiastical furniture subdivision Ecology [to be added asUse: Church furniture needed]Ecclesiastical history Broader Term(s): BiologyUse: Church history EnvironmentNarrower Term(s):Adaptation (Biology)Ecclesiastical institutions BiogeographyUse: Religious institutions Cave ecologyCoastal ecologyEcclesiastical law Coral reef ecologyDewey: 262.9 Desert ecologyUse For: Canon law; Church law Environmental protectionBroader Term(s): Church Fire ecologyLaw FishesEcologyNarrower Term(s):Tithes Food chains (Ecology)Ecclesiastical polity Forest ecologyUse: Church polity Freshwater ecologyGaia hypothesisEcclesiastical rites and ceremonies Garden ecologyUse: Rites and ceremonies Grassland ecologyHabitat (Ecology)Ecclesiastical year Island ecologyUse: Church year Jungle ecologyEcho boom generation Lake ecologyUse: Millennials (Persons) Marine ecologyMarsh ecologyEclipses, Lunar Mountain ecologyUse: Lunar eclipses Plant ecologyPond ecologyEclipses, Solar Prairie ecologyUse: Solar eclipses Rain forest ecologyEclogues Reef ecologyUse: Pastoral poetry River ecologySeashore ecologyEco-development Soil ecologyUse: Economic developmentStream ecologyEnvironmental aspects Swamp ecologySymbiosisEcodevelopment Tide pool ecologyUse: Economic developmentTundra ecologyEnvironmental aspects Urban ecologyEcological marketing Wetland ecologyUse: Green marketing Related Term(s): BiodiversityEnvironmental sciencesEcological movement Ecology, HumanUse: Environmental movement Use: Human ecologyEcological tourism Ecology, SocialUse: Ecotourism Use: Human ecologyEcology EcomarketingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Green marketingDewey: 577323'