b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsEconomic aid subdivision Economic conditions,Use: Foreign aid e.g. African Americans Economic aspects Economic conditions; UnitedUse subjects with the subdivision Economic aspects, StatesEconomic conditions;e.g. AgricultureEconomic aspects [to be added etc. [to be added as needed]as needed] Broader Term(s): BusinessEconomicsEconomic assistance Social conditionsUse: Domestic economic assistance WealthForeign aid Narrower Term(s):African AmericansEconomicEconomic assistanceCanada conditionsUse: Domestic economic assistanceBlacksEconomic conditionsCanada Business cyclesChicago (Ill.)EconomicEconomic assistance, American conditionsUse: American foreign aid Developing countriesGreat Depression, 1929-1939Economic assistance, Canadian Industrial revolutionUse: Canadian foreign aid JewsEconomic conditionsEconomic assistance, Domestic Labor supplyUse: Domestic economic assistance Native AmericansEconomicconditionsEconomic biology Natural resourcesUse: Economic botany OhioEconomic conditionsEconomic zoology PovertyQuality of lifeEconomic botany United StatesEconomicDewey: 581.6 conditionsUse For: Agricultural botany; Botany, Related Term(s): Commercial geographyEconomic; Economic biology Economic developmentBroader Term(s): AgricultureBotany Economic cyclesNarrower Term(s):Cotton Use: Business cyclesEdible plants Economic depressionsForage plants Use: DepressionsForest productsPlant conservation Economic developmentPlant introduction Dewey: 338.9Poisonous plants Scope Note: Use for materials on the theory andWeeds policy of economic development.Economic conditions Materials restricted to a particularDewey: 330.9 place are entered under the name ofScope Note: Use for general materials on some or the country, city, or area with theall of the following: natural subdivisions Economic conditions;resources, business, commerce, Economic policy;or Industries.industry, labor, manufactures, Use For: Development, Economic; Economicfinancial conditions. Materials on growththe history of the economic Broader Term(s): Economic policydevelopment of several countries are Economicsentered under Economic Narrower Term(s):Infrastructure (Economics)development. Rural developmentUse For: Economic history; National Sustainable developmentresources; World economics Related Term(s): Economic conditionsSee Also: racial and ethnic groups, classes of Economic developmentEnvironmental aspectspersons, and names of countries, Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallycities, areas, etc., with the Dewey: 338.9324'