b'Economic policyManitobaScope Note: Use for general materials on the Economic policyenvironmental impact of economic Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallydevelopment. Materials on Dewey: 338.9economic development that satisfies Scope Note: Use for materials on the policy ofthe needs of the present generation government in economic affairs.without depleting natural resources Use For: BusinessGovernment policy;for the future or having adverse Business and government; Centralenvironmental effects are entered planning; Economic planning;under Sustainable development. Government and business;Use For: Eco-development; Ecodevelopment Government policy; Nationalplanning; State planningEconomic equilibrium See Also: subjects with the subdivisionUse: Equilibrium (Economics) Government policy, e.g.AgricultureGovernmentEconomic forecasting policy; and types of activities,Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically facilities, industries, services, andDewey: 338.5 undertakings with the subdivisionBroader Term(s): Business cycles Planning, e.g. Transportation Economics Planning [to be added as needed]Forecasting Broader Term(s): EconomicsNarrower Term(s):Business forecasting PlanningEmployment forecasting Narrower Term(s):Commercial policyEconomic geography Domestic economic assistanceUse: Commercial geography Economic developmentFiscal policyEconomic geology Foreign aidDewey: 553 Free enterpriseUse For: Geology, Economic Government lendingSee Also: types of geological products, e.g. Government ownershipAsbestos; Gypsum; etc. [to be Industrial mobilizationadded as needed] Industrial policyBroader Term(s): Geology IndustrializationNarrower Term(s):Mines and mineral resources International economic relationsPetroleum geology Labor policyQuarries and quarrying Land reformSoils Monetary policyStone Municipal ownershipPrivatizationEconomic growth Sanctions (International law)Use: Economic development SubsidiesEconomic history TariffUse: Economic conditions Transfer paymentsUrban policyEconomic indicators Welfare stateGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): National securityDewey: 332.4 Social policyBroader Term(s): Economics Economic policyCanadaEconomic integration, International Dewey: 338.971Use: International economic Use For: CanadaEconomic policyintegration Narrower Term(s):Free tradeCanadaSubsidiesCanadaEconomic mobilizationUse: Industrial mobilization Economic policyManitobaDewey: 338.97127Economic planning Use For: ManitobaEconomic policyUse: Economic policy325'