b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsEconomic policyOhio See Also: subjects with the subdivisionDewey: 338.9771 Economic aspects, e.g. AgricultureUse For: OhioEconomic policyEconomic aspects; andEconomic policyUnited States countries, states, cities, regions, etc.,Dewey: 338.973 with the subdivision EconomicUse For: United StatesEconomic policy conditions, e.g. United States Economic conditions[to be addedEconomic recessions as needed]Use: Recessions Broader Term(s): Social sciencesEconomic relations, Foreign Narrower Term(s):AgricultureEconomic aspectsUse: International economic relations BarterBusinessEconomic sanctions CapitalUse: Sanctions (International law) CapitalismChristianity and economicsEconomic sustainability CollectivismUse: Sustainable development CommerceEconomic zones (Maritime law) Consumption (Economics)Use: Territorial waters CooperationCost and standard of livingEconomic zoology Cost effectivenessGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Economic conditionsDewey: 591.6 Economic developmentScope Note: Use for general materials on animals Economic forecastinginjurious or beneficial to agriculture, Economic indicatorsand for materials on the Economic policyextermination of wild animals, Employmentvenomous snakes, etc. Equilibrium (Economics)Use For: Animals, Useful and harmful; FinanceEconomic biology; Zoology, Gross national productEconomic IncomeBroader Term(s): Zoology IndividualismNarrower Term(s):Agricultural pests Industrial trustsBeneficial insects IndustriesFurbearing animals LaborInsect pests Labor economicsLivestock industry Land usePest control MacroeconomicsPests MarxismPoisonous animals Medical economicsWildlife conservation MicroeconomicsWorking animals MoneyMonopoliesEconomics PopulationGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically PricesDewey: 330 ProfitScope Note: Use for materials on the science of Propertyeconomics. This heading may be Risksubdivided geographically for Saving and investmentmaterials on this branch of learning Socialismin a particular place. Materials on Socioeconomicsthe economic conditions of a Statisticsparticular place are entered under Supply and demandthe name of the place with the Underground economysubdivision Economic conditions. Waste (Economics)Use For: Distribution of wealth; Political Wealtheconomy; Production326'