b'EditingEconomicsHistory conducted cooperatively by two orDewey: 330.09; 330.1 more Christian sects are enteredScope Note: Use for materials describing the under Interdenominationaldevelopment of economic theories. cooperation.Materials on the economic Use For: Christian unity; Ecumenismconditions and development of Broader Term(s): Christian sectscountries are entered under ChurchEconomic conditions. Related Term(s): Christian unionEconomicsSocial aspects EcumenismUse: Socioeconomics Use: Christian unionEconomics and Christianity Ecumenical movementUse: Christianity and economics EdaphologyEconomics of war Use: Soil ecologyUse: WarEconomic aspects EddasEconomy Dewey: 839Use: Saving and investment Scope Note: Use for individual works,collections, or materials aboutEconomy cars eddas.Use: Compact cars Broader Term(s): Old Norse literatureEconomy, Underground PoetryUse: Underground economy Scandinavian literatureEcosystems EdenUse: Ecology Use: ParadiseEcoterrorism Edgar Allan Poe AwardsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 808.3Dewey: 303.6 Use For: EdgarsBroader Term(s): Environmental movement Broader Term(s): Literary prizesTerrorism Mystery fictionEcotourism EdgarsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Edgar Allan Poe AwardsDewey: 338.4 Edible plantsUse For: Ecological tourism; Environmental Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallytourism; Green tourism; Nature Dewey: 581.6tourism Use For: Food plants; Plants, EdibleBroader Term(s): Tourist trade Broader Term(s): Economic botanyEcumenical councils FoodUse: Councils and synods PlantsEcumenical movement EdificesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: BuildingsDewey: 280 EditingScope Note: Use for materials on a movement Dewey: 070.5; 808.02originating in the twentieth century Scope Note: Use for materials on the editing ofaimed at promoting church books and texts. Materials on thecooperation and unity. Materials on editing of newspapers andunity as one of the marks of the periodicals are entered underchurch are entered under ChurchJournalismEditing.Unity. Materials on prospective and See Also: subjects and types of literature withactual mergers within and across the subdivision Editing, e.g. Poetrydenominational lines are enteredEditing; etc. [to be added asunder Christian union. Materials needed]on religious activities planned and Broader Term(s): Authorship327'