b'Electric lightingElectric automobilesCost effectiveness Electric equipment of automobilesDewey: 629.222 Use: AutomobilesElectricBroader Term(s): Cost effectiveness equipmentElectric batteries Electric eyeDewey: 621.31 Use: Photoelectric cellsUse For: Batteries, Electric; Cells, Electric Electric generatorsBroader Term(s): Electric apparatus and appliancesElectrochemistry Dewey: 621.31Narrower Term(s):Fuel cells Use For: Dynamos; Generators, ElectricSolar batteries Broader Term(s): Electric apparatus and appliancesRelated Term(s): Storage batteries Electric machineryElectric cars Electric guitarUse: Electric automobiles Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 787.87Electric circuits Broader Term(s): Electronic musical instrumentsDewey: 621.319 GuitarsUse For: Circuits, Electric Electric heatingBroader Term(s): Electric linesElectricity Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyNarrower Term(s):Electronic circuits Dewey: 621.402; 644; 697Use For: Electricity in the homeElectric companies Broader Term(s): HeatingUse: Electric utilities Electric household appliancesElectric condensers Dewey: 643Use: Condensers (Electricity) Use For: Appliances, Electric; DomesticElectric conductors appliances; Electric appliances;Electricity in the home; HouseholdDewey: 621.319 appliances, Electric; Labor savingUse For: Conductors, Electric devices, HouseholdBroader Term(s): Electronics See Also: types of specific appliances [to beNarrower Term(s):Semiconductors added as needed]Superconductors Broader Term(s): Electric apparatus and appliancesElectric controllers Household equipment andDewey: 629.8 suppliesUse For: Automatic control Electric industriesBroader Term(s): Electric machinery Use: Electric products industryElectric currents Electric lampsDewey: 537.6; 621.31 Dewey: 621.32; 645Use For: Currents, Electric Use For: Incandescent lampsBroader Term(s): Electricity Broader Term(s): Electric apparatus and appliancesNarrower Term(s):Alternating electric currents LampsElectric measurements Related Term(s): Electric lightingElectric transformersElectric lightElectric currents, Alternating Use: Electric lightingUse: Alternating electric currents PhotometryElectric distribution PhototherapyUse: Electric lines Electric light and power industryElectric power distribution Use: Electric utilitiesElectric engineering Electric lightingUse: Electrical engineering Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 621.32Use For: Arc light; Electric light; Electricityin the home; Light, Electric335'