b'Electronic listening devicesMagnetic recorders and recording Use For: Dance music, Electronic; EDMVacuum tubes (Electronic dance music); UDMElectronic art (Underground dance music);Underground dance musicUse: Video art Broader Term(s): Dance musicElectronic book readers Narrower Term(s):Techno (Music)Dewey: 004.167 Electronic data processingSee Also: names of specific electronic book Use: Data processingreaders, e.g. Kindle (Electronicbook reader) [to be added as Electronic designneeded] Use: Computer-aided designBroader Term(s): Electronic apparatus and Electronic discussion groupsappliances Dewey: 004.692ReadingAids and devices Scope Note: Use for materials on services,Narrower Term(s):Kindle (Electronic book reader) commonly called electronic mailingRelated Term(s): Electronic books lists, that allow subscribers to postElectronic books messages that are then distributed toDewey: 070.5 other subscribers. Materials onUse For: Books in machine-readable form; services that allow users to engageOnline books in conversations in real timeareBroader Term(s): Books entered under Online chat groups.Digital media Materials on services that allowRelated Term(s): Electronic book readers users to post messages and retrievemessages from others who haveElectronic bugging some common interest are enteredUse: Eavesdropping under Internet forums.Electronic bulletin boards Use For: E-mail discussion groups; OnlineUse: Internet forums discussion groupsBroader Term(s): Discussion groupsElectronic circuits Related Term(s): Internet forumsDewey: 621.319; 621.3815 Online chat groupsBroader Term(s): Electric circuits Electronic draftingElectronicsUse: Computer graphicsElectronic commerce Electronic drawingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 381; 658 Use: Computer graphicsScope Note: Use for materials on the exchange of Electronic eavesdroppinggoods and services and the transfer Use: Eavesdroppingof funds through electroniccommunications. Electronic funds transfersUse For: Cyber commerce; Cybercommerce; Dewey: 332.1Internet commerce; Online Use For: Digital money; EFT (Electroniccommerce funds transfers); Virtual moneyBroader Term(s): Commerce Broader Term(s): Banks and bankingNarrower Term(s):Internet auctions Narrower Term(s):BitcoinInternet marketing Electronic gamesInternet shoppingUse: Video gamesElectronic dance musicDewey: 781.648 Electronic journalismScope Note: Use for individual works, Use: Online journalismcollections, or materials about the Electronic librariesmusic played with electronic Use: Digital librariesinstruments in dance clubs, ravesand festivals. Electronic listening devicesUse: Eavesdropping339'