b'Employee drinkingScope Note: Use for general materials on Temper tantrumschildren suffering from mental or Trustemotional illnesses. Materials on the Worryclinical and therapeutic aspects of Emotions in childrenmental disorders in children areentered under Child psychiatry. Dewey: 155.4Use For: Behavior problems (Children); Broader Term(s): Child psychologyMaladjusted children; Mentally ill Emotionschildren; Neurotic children; Problem Empathychildren; Psychotic children Dewey: 152.4Broader Term(s): Exceptional children Broader Term(s): Attitude (Psychology)Mentally ill EmotionsRelated Term(s): Child psychiatry Social psychologyJuvenile delinquencyEmperorsEmotions Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 152.4 Dewey: 920; 929.7Use For: Feelings; Passions Use For: Rulers; SovereignsSee Also: types of emotions [to be added as See Also: names of emperors, e.g. Nero,needed] Emperor of Rome, 37-68 [to beBroader Term(s): Psychology added as needed]Psychophysiology Broader Term(s): Kings and rulersNarrower Term(s):AngerAnxiety EmperorsRomeAttitude (Psychology) Dewey: 920; 937Bereavement Use For: Roman emperorsCompassion See Also: names of Roman emperors, e.g.Consolation Nero, Emperor of Rome, 37-68 [toDisappointment be added as needed]Emotions in children Narrower Term(s):Nero, 37-68 (Emperor of Rome)EmpathyFanaticism EmpiricismFear Dewey: 146Frustration Use For: ExperienceGratitude Broader Term(s): PhilosophyGrief RationalismGuilt Theory of knowledgeHappiness Related Term(s): PragmatismHate Employee absenteeismHelplessness (Psychology) Use: Absenteeism (Labor)HopeHorror Employee assistance programsIntimacy (Psychology) Dewey: 658.3Jealousy Broader Term(s): Personnel managementJoy and sorrowLaughter Employee benefitsLoneliness Dewey: 331.25Love Use For: Benefits, Employee; Benefits,Melancholy Fringe; Employee fringe benefits;Pain Non-wage payments; NonwagePleasure paymentsPrejudices Broader Term(s): Salaries, wages, etc.Security (Psychology) Employee counselingSelf-confidence Use: EmployeesCounseling ofShameShyness Employee drinkingSympathy Use: EmployeesAlcohol use343'