b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsEmpresses information usually in alphabeticalGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically order [to be added as needed]Dewey: 920 Broader Term(s): Reference booksSee Also: names of empresses; and countries, Narrower Term(s):BibleDictionariescities, etc., with the subdivision BiographyDictionariesKings and rulers [to be added as ChemistryDictionariesneeded] Classical dictionariesBroader Term(s): Monarchy Computer scienceDictionariesRelated Term(s): Queens English languageDictionariesEMTs (Medicine) English languageDictionariesUse: Emergency medical techniciansFrenchFrench languageDictionariesEnamel and enamelingEnglishDewey: 738.4 GeographyDictionariesUse For: Porcelain enamels HistoryDictionariesBroader Term(s): Decoration and ornament JewsEncyclopediasDecorative arts LexicographyEncounter groups LiteratureDictionariesUse: Group relations training Machine readable dictionariesPhilosophyEncyclopediasEncouragement Picture dictionariesDewey: 158 Polyglot dictionariesBroader Term(s): Courage Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616Helping behaviorDictionariesTechnologyDictionariesEncyclicals, PapalUse: Papal encyclicals End of the earthUse: End of the worldEncyclopediasUse: Encyclopedias and dictionaries End of the worldDewey: 001.9; 202; 236; 523.1Encyclopedias and dictionaries Scope Note: Use for materials on the end of theDewey: 030; 403 world from an eschatological pointScope Note: Use for general materials about of view (including Judgment Day,encyclopedias and dictionaries. signs, fulfillments of prophecies,Use For: Cyclopedias; Dictionaries; etc.) or from a scientific point ofEncyclopedias; Glossaries; Subject view.dictionaries Use For: End of the earth; End of the worldSee Also: subjects and names of languages (Astronomy)with the subdivision Dictionaries, Broader Term(s): Eschatologyfor materials in alphabetical order Narrower Term(s):Judgment Daythat define terms or identify things,e.g. ChemistryDictionaries; End of the world (Astronomy)English languageDictionaries; Use: End of the worldetc.; subjects, groups or classes of End-of-the-world fictionpersons, and names of places with Use: Apocalyptic fictionthe subdivision Biography Dictionaries, for biographical End-of-the-world filmsdictionaries, e.g. WomenUse: Apocalyptic filmsBiographyDictionaries; Ohio Endangered species BiographyDictionaries; etc.;and subjects, groups or classes of Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallypersons, and names of places with Dewey: 333.95; 578.68the subdivision Encyclopedias, e.g. Use For: Threatened species; VanishingPhilosophyEncyclopedias; speciesJewsEncyclopedias; etc., for Broader Term(s): Environmental protectionmaterials that provide topical Nature conservationNarrower Term(s):Plant conservation346'