b'English fictionEngines English authorsDewey: 621.4 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Motors Dewey: 820.9; 920See Also: types of engines and motors, e.g. Use For: Authors, EnglishSteam engines; Electric motors; Broader Term(s): Authorsetc., and types of vehicles and English authorsFirst editionsmakes and models of vehicles withthe subdivision Motors, e.g. Use: English literatureFirst editionsAutomobilesMotors [to be English authorsHomesadded as needed] Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Machinery Dewey: 820.9; 920Narrower Term(s):Airplane engines Broader Term(s): Literary landmarksAutomobilesMotorsDiesel engines English Canadian literatureFire engines Use: Canadian literature (English)Fuel English Canadian poetryHeat enginesInternal combustion engines Use: Canadian poetry (English)Marine engines English CanadiansPumping machinery Use: English-speaking CanadiansSolar enginesSteam engines English ChannelTurbines Dewey: 910.9163England English compositionDewey: 942 Use: English languageCompositionScope Note: May be subdivided like United and exercisesStates except for History, and English dramaPolitics and government, or any Dewey: 822subdivisions relating to history or Scope Note: Use for general materials aboutpolitics and government. Such English drama, not for individualmaterials are entered instead under works.Great Britain. Broader Term(s): DramaBroader Term(s): Great Britain English literatureEnglandHistory Narrower Term(s):Morality playsUse: Great BritainHistory Mysteries and miracle playsEngland, Church of English dramaCollectionsUse: Church of England Dewey: 822.008English as a foreign language English dramaHistory and criticismUse: English as a second language Dewey: 822.009Broader Term(s): DramaHistory and criticismEnglish as a second languageGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically English essaysDewey: 428 Dewey: 824Use For: ESL; English as a foreign language; Scope Note: Use for collections of literary essaysEnglish for foreigners; English by several authors.languageStudy and teaching as a Broader Term(s): English literaturesecond language; English language Essays Study and teaching, Foreign; English fictionEnglish languageTexts for Dewey: 823foreigners; English language as a Scope Note: Use for collections or materialssecond language about English fiction, not forBroader Term(s): English languageStudy and individual works.teaching Broader Term(s): English literatureNarrower Term(s):English languageConversation Fictionand phrase books349'