b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsEnglish fictionHistory and criticism Use For: Canadian English languageDewey: 824; 824.008 Broader Term(s): CanadaLanguagesEnglish for foreigners Narrower Term(s):CanadianismsUse: English as a second language English languageCanadianismsEnglish languageConversation Use: Canadianismsand phrase booksEnglish grammar English languageComparisonUse: English languageGrammar Dewey: 425Use For: Comparison (English grammar)English history English languageComposition and exercisesUse: Great BritainHistory Dewey: 428English language Use For: English compositionGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): RhetoricDewey: 420 English languageConversation and phrase booksScope Note: Subdivisions used under this Dewey: 428heading may be used under other Use For: English for foreigners; Englishlanguages unless otherwise languageConversations andspecified. phrasesBroader Term(s): Language and languages Broader Term(s): English as a second languageEnglish language0-1100 English languageConversations and phrasesUse: English languageOld English Use: English languageConversationperiod and phrase booksEnglish languageAcronyms English languageDialectsUse: Acronyms Dewey: 427English languageAlphabet Narrower Term(s):AmericanismsDewey: 421 English languageDictionariesEnglish languageAmericanisms Dewey: 423Use: Americanisms Scope Note: Use for English languagedictionaries. Dictionaries fromEnglish languageAntonyms English to another language areUse: English languageSynonyms entered under this heading furtherand antonyms subdivided by the other language,English languageBasal readers e.g. English language Use: Basal readers DictionariesFrench.French-English dictionaries areEnglish languageBusiness English entered under French language Dewey: 428 DictionariesEnglish. CombinedScope Note: Business English is a unique English-French and French-Englishsubdivision for English language. dictionaries are entered under bothUse same pattern with unique headings.subdivisions for other languages, Broader Term(s): Encyclopedias and dictionariese.g. Japanese languageRelated Term(s): English languageTerms andBusiness Japanese; etc. phrasesUse For: Business English English languageDictionariesFrenchEnglish languageCanada Dewey: 443Dewey: 420.971 Scope Note: Use for English-French dictionaries.Scope Note: Use for general materials on the French-English dictionaries areEnglish language in Canada. entered under French language Materials limited to the usage of DictionariesEnglish. Combinedwords and expressions peculiar to English-French and French-EnglishCanada are entered under dictionaries are entered under bothCanadianisms. headings.Use For: Foreign language dictionaries350'