b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsBroader Term(s): Spelling English literatureNarrower Term(s):Spellers Dewey: 820Related Term(s): Word skills Scope Note: Subdivisions used under thisheading may be used under otherEnglish languageSpelling reform literatures.Use: Spelling reform Broader Term(s): LiteratureNarrower Term(s):English dramaEnglish languageStudy and teaching English essaysDewey: 420.7 English fictionNarrower Term(s):English as a second language English lettersEnglish languageStudy and teaching as a second English poetrylanguage English prose literatureUse: English as a second language English satireEnglish sermonsEnglish languageStudy and teaching, Foreign English speechesUse: English as a second language English wit and humorEnglish languageSynonyms and antonyms English literature0-1100Dewey: 423 Use: English literatureOld EnglishUse For: English languageAntonyms periodRelated Term(s): Opposites English literature16th and 17th centuriesEnglish languageTerms and phrases Dewey: 820Dewey: 420 Use For: English literatureEarly modern,Scope Note: Use for general lists of words and 1500-1700; Renaissance Englishphrases and for lists that are literatureapplicable to certain situations English literature18th century(collective nouns, curious Dewey: 820expressions, etc.) rather than tospecific subjects. Lists of words and English literature19th centuryphrases limited to specific subjects Dewey: 820are entered under the subject with Use For: Victorian literaturethe subdivision Dictionaries, e.g.ChemistryDictionaries. English literature20th centuryUse For: English languagePhrases and Dewey: 820terms English literature21st centuryRelated Term(s): English languageDictionaries Dewey: 820English languageTexts for foreigners English literatureBibliographyUse: English as a second language Dewey: 016.82English languageUsage English literatureBio-bibliographyDewey: 428 Dewey: 820.9Broader Term(s): English languageGrammarEnglish languageVersification English literatureCanadaUse: Versification Use: Canadian literature (English)English languageVocabulary English literatureCollectionsUse: Vocabulary Dewey: 820.8Scope Note: Use for collections of EnglishEnglish language as a second language literature by several authors in moreUse: English as a second language than one genre. Collections of proseare entered under English proseEnglish letters literature. Collections of poetry areDewey: 826 entered under English poetry Broader Term(s): English literature Collections. Collections of dramaLetters are entered under English drama Collections.352'