b'Some Difficult Areas of Application / Mythology and Folklorethere is a common phrase available, such as Fiscal policy or Social policy. Where there is not aready phrase available, the heading is formulated by the thing the policy applies to with thesubdivision Government policy, such as Genetic engineeringGovernment policy.MYTHOLOGY AND FOLKLOREIn general, deities that are still worshipped in the modern world are treated as religion rather thanmythology. Ancient mythologies are expressed in phrase headings, such as Celtic mythology orRoman mythology. Materials on individual deities or legendary characters are given the name ofthe deity or character appropriately qualified, such as Vesta (Roman deity) or Paris (Legendarycharacter). Materials on a theme in mythology are assigned a heading for that theme, similar to atheme in literature, such as Fire in mythology. Unlike mythology, folklore pertains to modernpeoples as well as ancient. The folklore of a people, that is, stories based on oral rather than writtentraditions, is expressed in subject headings by the name of the people subdivided by Folklore, suchas InuitFolklore. Topics in folklore are expressed by the topic subdivided by Folklore, such asPlantsFolklore. Materials on the collective folklore of a place are assigned the headingFolklore subdivided by the continent, region, country, etc.NONBOOK MATERIALSThe assignment of subject headings for electronic media and for audiovisual and specialinstructional materials should follow the same principles that are applied to books. The uniformapplication of the same headings to book and nonbook materials alike is especially important in anintegrated catalog, which brings all materials on one subject together regardless of format. Becausenonbook materials often concentrate on very small aspects of larger subjects, the cataloger may notfind in the List the specific heading that should be used. In such instances the cataloger should begenerous in adding new subjects as needed. There are many form and genre headings that applyequally to nonbook materials and to books about such materials, such as Biographical films;Comedy television programs; and Science fiction comic books, strips, etc.Topical subject headings assigned to nonbook materials should not include form subdivisions todescribe physical format, such as motion pictures, slides, sound recordings, etc. Information onformat as an aspect of descriptive cataloging can be found in the most recent edition of the standardcataloging rules.A-41'