b'EthnicityEthicsCanada Ethnic identityDewey: 170.971 Use: EthnicityUse For: Canadian ethics Ethnic psychologyEthicsUnited States Use: EthnopsychologyDewey: 170.973 Ethnic relationsUse For: American ethicsDewey: 305.8Ethiopia Use For: Ethnic conflict; Relations amongDewey: 963 ethnic groupsScope Note: May be subdivided like United See Also: names of regions, countries, cities,States except for History. etc., with the subdivision Ethnicrelations; e.g. United States Ethiopian-Italian War, 1935-1936 Ethnic relations [to be added asUse: Italo-Ethiopian War, 1935-1936 needed]Ethnic cleansing Broader Term(s): AcculturationUse: Genocide EthnologySociologyEthnic conflict Narrower Term(s):Culture conflictUse: Ethnic relations DiscriminationRelated Term(s): Ethnic groupsEthnic diversity MinoritiesUse: Pluralism (Social sciences) MulticulturalismEthnic groups Pluralism (Social sciences)Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Race relationsDewey: 305.8 Ethnic relationsPolitical aspectsScope Note: Use for materials on groups of Dewey: 305.8people bound together by commonancestry and culture. Materials on Ethnic relationsReligious aspectsindigenous minorities are entered Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyunder Indigenous peoples. Dewey: 305.8Materials on the subjective sense of Ethnicitybelonging to a particular ethnicgroupare entered under Ethnicity. Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyMaterials on several ethnic groups Dewey: 305.8in a particular region or country are Scope Note: Use for materials on the subjectiveentered under Ethnology sense of belonging to a particularsubdivided geographically. ethnic group. Materials on groups ofMaterials on individual ethnic people bound together by a commongroups are entered under the name ancestry or culture are entered underof the group, e.g. Mexican Ethnic groups. Materials on severalAmericans. ethnic groups in a particular regionUse For: People or country are entered underSee Also: names of individual ethnic groups Ethnology.[to be added as needed] Use For: Ethnic identityBroader Term(s): Ethnology See Also: ethnic groups with the subdivisionNarrower Term(s):Asian Americans Ethnic identity, e.g. MexicanCajuns AmericansEthnic identity; andChinese Americans racial groups with the subdivisionCreoles Race identity, e.g. AfricanEthnic art AmericansRace identity [to beJapanese Americans added as needed]Latinos (U.S.) Broader Term(s): Identity (Psychology)Mexican Americans Related Term(s): Ethnic groupsRacially mixed people MulticulturalismRelated Term(s): Ethnic relations Pluralism (Social sciences)Ethnicity363'