b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsEthnobiology racial or ethnic groups are enteredGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically under the name of the group, e.g.Dewey: 306.4; 578.6 Aboriginal Australians.Use For: Folk biology Use For: Cultural anthropology;See Also: names of ethnic groups with the Ethnography; Races of people;subdivision Ethnobiology, e.g. Social anthropologyNative AmericansSee Also: names of countries with theEthnobiology [to be added as subdivision Social life and customs,needed] e.g. United StatesSocial lifeBroader Term(s): Biology and customs; and names ofEthnology individual ethnic groups [to beNarrower Term(s):Ethnobotany added as needed]Ethnozoology Broader Term(s): Human beingsNative AmericansNarrower Term(s):AcculturationEthnobiology AnthropometryEthnobotany CannibalismGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically CostumeDewey: 581.6 Ethnic groupsSee Also: names of ethnic groups with the Ethnic relationssubdivision Ethnobotany, e.g. EthnobiologyNative AmericansEthnobotanyEthnobotany [to be added as Ethnopsychologyneeded] EthnozoologyBroader Term(s): Ethnobiology FolkloreEthnology Human geographyPlantsFolklore Indigenous peoplesNarrower Term(s):Native AmericansKinshipEthnobotany Language and languagesManners and customsEthnocentrism Mountain peopleGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Physical anthropologyDewey: 305.8 Primitive societiesBroader Term(s): Ethnopsychology RaceNationalism Race relationsPrejudices Semitic peoplesRace Totems and totemismEthnocide Related Term(s): AnthropologyUse: Genocide ArcheologyCivilizationEthnography EthnologyCanadaUse: Ethnology Dewey: 305.811Ethnology Use For: CanadaEthnology; Canada Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically PeoplesDewey: 305.8; 306; 599.97 See Also: names of individual ethnic groups,Scope Note: Use for materials on the disciplines e.g. Chinese Canadians; Nativeof ethnology and cultural peoplesCanada; etc. [to beanthropology, and, with appropriate added as needed]geographic subdivisions, for EthnologyUnited Statesmaterials on the origin, distribution, Dewey: 305.8; 306; 599.97and characteristics of the elements Use For: United StatesEthnology; Unitedof the population of a particular StatesPeoplesregion or country. General materials See Also: names of individual ethnic groupson groups of people who are bound [to be added as needed]together by common ties of ancestryand culture are entered under Ethnic Ethnopsychologygroups. Materials on individual Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically364'