b'EuropeHistory1492-1789Dewey: 155.8 Etiquette for children and teenagersUse For: Cross-cultural psychology; Ethnic Dewey: 395.1psychology; Folk psychology; Use For: Behavior of children; Behavior ofNational psychology; Race teenagers; Child behavior; ChildrenpsychologyEtiquette; Etiquette for teenagers;See Also: names of racial or ethnic groups Teenage behavior; Teenagers with the subdivision Psychology [to Etiquettebe added as needed] Broader Term(s): ChildrenConduct of lifeBroader Term(s): Anthropology TeenagersConduct of lifeEthnology Etiquette for teenagersPsychology Use: Etiquette for children andSociology teenagersNarrower Term(s):Culture conflictEthnocentrism Etruscan artNative AmericansPsychology Dewey: 709.01Related Term(s): National characteristics Broader Term(s): ArtSocial psychology EtymologyEthnozoology Use: Language and languages Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically EtymologyDewey: 591.6 EucharistUse For: Folk zoology Dewey: 234; 264See Also: names of ethnic groups with the Scope Note: May be subdivided by Christian sectsubdivision Ethnozoology, e.g. or denomination.Native AmericansUse For: Communion; Holy communion;Ethnozoology [to be added as Lords Supperneeded] Broader Term(s): LiturgiesBroader Term(s): AnimalsFolklore SacramentsEthnobiology Related Term(s): Mass (Liturgy)EthnologyNarrower Term(s):Native AmericansEugenicsEthnozoology Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyEthyl alcohol fuel Dewey: 363.9Use: Alcohol fuels Broader Term(s): GeneticsPopulationEtiquette Related Term(s): HeredityGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically EuroDewey: 395 Dewey: 332.4Use For: Ceremonies; Manners; Politeness; Broader Term(s): Capital marketSalutations MoneySee Also: types of etiquette, e.g. Tableetiquette; and names of countries Europewith the subdivision Social life and Dewey: 940customs, e.g. United StatesUse For: Europe, Western; Western EuropeSocial life and customs [to beadded as needed] EuropeHistoryBroader Term(s): Human behavior Dewey: 940Narrower Term(s):Business etiquette Narrower Term(s):Holy Roman EmpireCourtesy EuropeHistory0-476Dating (Social customs) Dewey: 936; 937EntertainingExcuses EuropeHistory1492-1789Letter writing Dewey: 940.2Table etiquette Narrower Term(s):Seven Years War, 1756-1763Related Term(s): Manners and customs Thirty Years War, 1618-1648365'