b'EvolutionEvacuation and relocation of Japanese Canadians, Evening and continuation schools1942-1945 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Japanese CanadiansDewey: 374Evacuation and relocation, Use For: Continuation schools; Evening1942-1945 schools; Night schoolsBroader Term(s): Compulsory educationEvacuation of civilians Continuing educationGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically EducationDewey: 363.3 Public schoolsUse For: Civilian evacuation SchoolsBroader Term(s): Civil defense Secondary educationDisaster relief Technical educationEvaluation Related Term(s): Adult educationUse types of evaluation, e.g. Educational evaluation; Evening schoolsand names of corporate bodies and types of Use: Evening and continuation schoolsinstitutions, products, services, equipment, activities,projects, and programs with the subdivision Event tourismEvaluation, e.g. Public health Evaluation; Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyScienceStudy and teachingEvaluation; etc. Dewey: 910[to be added as needed] Broader Term(s): Tourist tradeNarrower Term(s):Risk assessment Events, Life changeEvaluation of books Use: Life change eventsUse: Book reviewing Everest, Mount (China and Nepal)Evaluation of literature Use: Mount Everest (China and Nepal)Use: Best books EvergreensBooks and reading Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyCriticism Dewey: 582.1; 635.9LiteratureHistory and Broader Term(s): Landscape gardeningcriticism ShrubsEvaluation research in education TreesUse: Educational evaluation Evidences of the BibleEvangelical Protestantism Use: BibleEvidences, authority,Use: Evangelicalism etc.Evangelicalism EvilGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Good and evilDewey: 280 Evil spiritsUse For: Evangelical Protestantism Use: DemonologyBroader Term(s): ProtestantismEvangelism EvolutionUse: Evangelistic work Dewey: 576.8Use For: Darwinism; Development; MutationEvangelistic healing (Biology); Origin of speciesUse: Spiritual healing See Also: types of animals, plants, crops,chemicals, and organs of the bodyEvangelistic work with the subdivision Evolution [toGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically be added as needed]Dewey: 253; 269 Narrower Term(s):LifeOriginUse For: Evangelism; Revival (Religion) Related Term(s): BiologyBroader Term(s): Church work CreationNarrower Term(s):Conversion CreationismRevivals Evolutionary psychologyRelated Term(s): Christian missions Human originsNatural selection367'