b'Executive departmentsUnited StatesUse For: Abnormal children Executions and executionersBroader Term(s): Children Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyElementary education Dewey: 364.66Narrower Term(s):Brain damaged children Broader Term(s): Criminal lawChildren with disabilities Criminal procedureEmotionally disturbed children Related Term(s): Capital punishmentGifted children Executive abilityInclusive education Dewey: 658.4Mainstreaming in education Use For: Administrative abilitySlow learning children Broader Term(s): AbilityWild children Narrower Term(s):LeadershipExcess government property PlanningUse: Surplus government property Executive agenciesExchange Use: Administrative agenciesDewey: 332.4; 332.64 Executive departmentsBroader Term(s): Commerce Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyNarrower Term(s):Foreign exchange Dewey: 351Money Scope Note: Use for materials on majorRelated Term(s): Supply and demand administrative divisions of theExchange of persons programs executive branch of government,Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically usually headed by an officer ofDewey: 327.1; 370.116 cabinet rank.Use For: Cultural exchange programs; Use For: Government departments;Interchange of visitors; Specialists Government ministries; Stateexchange programs; Visitors ministriesexchange programs See Also: names of executive departments [toSee Also: types of exchange programs for be added as needed]particular classes of persons, e.g. Broader Term(s): Administrative agenciesTeacher exchange [to be added as Executive departmentsCanadaneeded] Dewey: 352.2Broader Term(s): Cultural relations Use For: CanadaExecutive departmentsInternational cooperation See Also: names of executive departments [toNarrower Term(s):Student exchange programs be added as needed]Teacher exchange programs Narrower Term(s):Cabinet ministersCanadaExchange of prisoners of war Executive departmentsManitobaUse: Prisoners of war Dewey: 352.2Exchange of students Use For: ManitobaExecutive departmentsUse: Student exchange programs See Also: names of executive departments [tobe added as needed]Exchange of teachers Executive departmentsOhioUse: Teacher exchange programs Dewey: 352.2Exchange programs, Student Use For: OhioExecutive departmentsUse: Student exchange programs See Also: names of executive departments [tobe added as needed]Exchange ratesUse: Foreign exchange Executive departmentsReorganizationUse: Administrative agencies Exchange, Barter ReorganizationUse: BarterExecutive departmentsUnited StatesExcuses Dewey: 352.2Dewey: 395 Use For: United StatesExecutiveBroader Term(s): Etiquette departmentsManners and customs369'