b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsExperiments, Scientific ExplorationUnited StatesUse: ScienceExperiments Use: United StatesExplorationExpert systems (Computer science) Exploration of spaceDewey: 006.3 Use: Outer spaceExplorationUse For: Knowledge-based systems Explorations(Computer science)Broader Term(s): Artificial intelligence Use: ExplorationData processing Exploratory behaviorInformation systems Use: CuriosityExperts Explorer (Artificial satellite)Use: Specialists Dewey: 629.46Exploration Broader Term(s): Artificial satellitesDewey: 910.9 ExplorersScope Note: Use for materials on voyages and Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyexplorations that have advanced Dewey: 910.92; 920geographic knowledge. Use For: Discoverers; Navigators; VoyagersUse For: Discoveries and exploration; See Also: names of places explored with theDiscoveries in geography; subdivision Exploration, e.g.Explorations; Maritime discoveries AmericaExploration; names ofSee Also: names of celestial bodies, countries with the subdivisionscontinents, regions, countries, states, Description and Exploringetc., with the subdivision expeditions; and names of individualExploration for materials on the explorers [to be added as needed]exploration of those areas when they Broader Term(s): Adventure and adventurerswere unsettled or sparsely settled Heroes and heroinesand largely unknown to the world at Narrower Term(s):United StatesExploringlarge, e.g. AmericaexpeditionsExploration; or with the Related Term(s): Explorationsubdivision Description and travel Travelersfor materials on later and recent Voyages and travelstravels in those areas, e.g. UnitedStatesDescription and travel; Exploring expeditionsand names of countries, states, etc., Use names of countries sponsoring exploringwith the subdivision Exploring expeditions with the subdivision Exploringexpeditions for materials on expeditions, e.g. United StatesExploringexplorations sponsored by those expeditions; etc.; and names of expeditions, e.g.governments, e.g. United StatesLewis and Clark Expedition (1804-1806) [to beExploring expeditions [to be added added as needed]as needed] ExplosionsBroader Term(s): Adventure and adventurersGeography Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyHistory Dewey: 904Narrower Term(s):AmericaExploration Broader Term(s): AccidentsAntarcticaExploration ExplosivesArctic regionsExploration Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyNortheast Passage Dewey: 363.17; 363.33; 623.4; 662Outer spaceExploration See Also: types of explosives and explosiveUnderwater exploration devices [to be added as needed]United StatesExploration Broader Term(s): ChemistryRelated Term(s): Explorers Narrower Term(s):AmmunitionScientific expeditions BombsVoyages and travels DynamiteExplorationCanada GunpowderUse: CanadaExploration Land minesTorpedoes372'