b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsExtinction of species, Mass Extraterrestrial communicationUse: Mass extinctions Use: Interstellar communicationExtortion Extraterrestrial encounters with humansGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Human-alien encountersDewey: 364.16 Extraterrestrial environmentUse For: BlackmailBroader Term(s): Offenses against property Use: Space environmentRacketeering Extraterrestrial lifeExtracurricular activities Use: Life on other planetsUse: Student activities Extravehicular activity (Space flight)Extragalactic nebulae Dewey: 629.45Use: Galaxies Use For: Space vehiclesExtravehicularactivity; Space walk; Walking inExtramarital relationships spaceUse: Adultery Broader Term(s): Space flightExtrasensory perception Extreme sportsDewey: 133.8 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: ESP Dewey: 796.04Broader Term(s): Parapsychology Broader Term(s): SportsNarrower Term(s):Clairvoyance Extreme unctionTelepathyUse: Anointing of the sickExtrasolar planetary systemsUse: Extrasolar planets Extremism (Political science)Use: RadicalismExtrasolar planets EyeDewey: 523.2Use For: Extrasolar planetary systems Dewey: 611; 612.8Broader Term(s): Planets Broader Term(s): FaceHeadExtraterrestrial abduction Related Term(s): OptometryUse: Alien abduction VisionExtraterrestrial bases EyeglassesDewey: 629.44 Dewey: 617.7; 681Scope Note: Use for materials on bases Use For: Glasses; Spectaclesestablished on natural extraterrestrial See Also: types of eyeglasses, e.g. Contactbodies for specific functions other lenses [to be added as needed]than colonization. Materials on Narrower Term(s):Contact lensescommunities established in space oron natural extraterrestrial bodies areentered under Space colonies.Materials on manned installations Forbiting in space for specificfunctions, such as servicing space Fablesships, are entered under Space Dewey: 398.24; 808.8stations. Scope Note: Use for individual works,Broader Term(s): Civil engineering collections, or materials about shortRelated Term(s): Space colonies tales intended to teach morallessons, often with animals orExtraterrestrial beings inanimate objects speaking andDewey: 576.8 acting like human beings, andUse For: Aliens from outer space; usually with the lesson stated brieflyInterplanetary visitors at the end.Broader Term(s): Life on other planets Use For: Cautionary tales and verses; MoralRelated Term(s): Human-alien encounters and philosophic stories; Tales374'