b'Facts, MiscellaneousSee Also: fables of particular countries, e.g. FacsimilesAmerican fables [to be added as Use types of printed or written materials, documents,needed] etc., with the subdivision Facsimiles, e.g.Broader Term(s): Fiction AutographsFacsimiles [to be added as needed]Literature FactorialsNarrower Term(s):American fables Dewey: 512.7Related Term(s): Allegories Broader Term(s): Number theoryAnimalsFiction Sequences (Mathematics)Didactic fictionDidactic poetry FactoriesFolklore Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyLegends Dewey: 338.6; 670; 725Parables Use For: Industrial plants; Mill and factoryRomances buildings; Plants, IndustrialSee Also: types of factories [to be added asFabric design needed]Use: Textile design Broader Term(s): Industrial buildingsFabrics Narrower Term(s):BreweriesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Plant shutdownsDewey: 677 Related Term(s): Factory managementUse For: Cloth; Dry goods; Textiles MillsSee Also: types of fabrics [to be added as FactoriesManagementneeded] Use: Factory managementBroader Term(s): Decorative artsNarrower Term(s):Cotton Factory and trade wasteLinen Use: Industrial wasteSilk Factory managementSynthetic fabrics Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyWool Dewey: 658.5Related Term(s): Weaving Scope Note: Use for materials on the technicalFace aspects of manufacturing processes.Dewey: 611; 612 Materials on general principles ofBroader Term(s): Head management of industries areNarrower Term(s):Eye entered under Management.Mouth Use For: FactoriesManagement;Nose Production engineering; ShopRelated Term(s): Physiognomy managementBroader Term(s): ManagementFace painting Narrower Term(s):Job analysisDewey: 745.5 Motion studyUse For: Painting, Face Office managementBroader Term(s): Painting Participative managementFacebook (Website) SupervisorsDewey: 004.69; 384.3 Time studyBroader Term(s): Social networking Related Term(s): FactoriesWebsites Personnel managementFacetiae Factory wasteUse: Anecdotes Use: Industrial wasteWit and humor Factory workersFacsimile transmission Use: LaborUse: Fax transmission Working classFacts, MiscellaneousUse: Books of listsCuriosities and wonders375'