b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsFaculty Due process of lawUse types of educational institutions and names of Narrower Term(s):Freedom of the press and fair trialindividual educational institutions with thesubdivision Faculty, e.g. Colleges and universities Fair trial and free press Faculty [to be added as need-ed] Use: Freedom of the press and fair trialFaculty (Education) Fair use (Copyright)Use: Colleges and universitiesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyFaculty Dewey: 346.04Educators Broader Term(s): CopyrightTeachersFairiesFads Dewey: 398.21Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Broader Term(s): FolkloreDewey: 306Use For: Crazes FairnessBroader Term(s): Manners and customs Dewey: 179Popular culture Use For: ImpartialityBroader Term(s): Conduct of lifeFaience Related Term(s): JusticeUse: PotteryFairness doctrine (Broadcasting)Failure in business Dewey: 343.09Use: Bankruptcy Scope Note: Use for materials on the requirementBusiness failures that, if one side of a controversialFailure of banks issue of public importance is aired,Use: Bank failures the same opportunity must be givenfor the presentation of contrastingFailure to thrive syndrome views. Materials on the requirementUse: Growth disorders that all qualified candidates forpublic office be granted equalFailures, Structural broadcast time if any one suchUse: Structural failures candidate is permitted to broadcastFair employment practice are entered under Equal time ruleUse: Discrimination in employment (Broadcasting).Use For: Doctrine of fairness (Broadcasting)Fair housing Broader Term(s): BroadcastingUse: Discrimination in housing Television and politicsRelated Term(s): Equal time rule (Broadcasting)Fair tradeUse: Unfair competition FairsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyFair trade (Tariff) Dewey: 381; 394; 607Use: Free trade Scope Note: Use for general materials on publicFair trial showings that suggest a variety ofGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically kinds of display and entertainment,Dewey: 345 usually in an outdoor setting,Scope Note: Use for materials on legal hearings sometimes for the promotion ofbefore an impartial and disinterested sales and sometimes in competitiontribunal. Materials on the regular for prizes of excellence.administration of the law, according Use For: Bazaars; Worlds fairsto which citizens may not be denied See Also: names of fairs, e.g. Expo 92their legal rights and all laws must (Seville, Spain) [to be added asconform to fundamental and needed]accepted legal principles, are Narrower Term(s):Expo 92 (Seville, Spain)entered under Due process of law. Trade showsUse For: Right to a fair trial Related Term(s): CarnivalsBroader Term(s): Civil rights ExhibitionsMarkets376'