b'FamilyFairy tales names, and lyrics for large numbersGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically of commonly-performed songs.Dewey: 398.2; 808.83 Use For: Fake books (Music)Scope Note: Use for individual works, Broader Term(s): Sheet musiccollections, or materials about short,simple narratives, often of folk Falconryorigin and usually intended for Dewey: 799.2children, involving fantastic forces Use For: Hawkingand magical beings such as dragons, Broader Term(s): Game and game birdselves, fairies, goblins, witches, and Huntingwizards.Use For: Stories; Tales FallSee Also: names of specific fairy tales, e.g., Use: AutumnSleeping Beauty (Tale) [to be Fallaciesadded as needed] Use: ErrorsBroader Term(s): Childrens literature LogicFictionNarrower Term(s):Fractured fairy tales Falling starsSleeping Beauty (Tale) Use: MeteorsRelated Term(s): FolkloreFallout sheltersFairy talesParodies, imitations, etc. Use: Air raid sheltersUse: Fractured fairy talesFallout, RadioactiveFaith Use: Radioactive falloutDewey: 121; 201; 234Scope Note: Use for materials on religious belief False advertisingand doubt. Materials on belief and Use: Deceptive advertisingdoubt from the philosophical False memoriesstandpoint are entered under Belief Use: False memory syndromeand doubt.Use For: Religious belief False memory syndromeBroader Term(s): Religion Dewey: 616.85Salvation Use For: False memoriesSpiritual life Broader Term(s): MemoryTheology Related Term(s): Recovered memoryVirtueRelated Term(s): Belief and doubt FalsehoodUse: Truthfulness and falsehoodFaithPsychologyDewey: 200.1; 248; 253.5 FameBroader Term(s): Psychology of religion Dewey: 306.4Use For: Celebrity; RenownFaith cure Related Term(s): CelebritiesUse: Spiritual healingFamilies of soldiersFaith healing Dewey: 306.85Use: Spiritual healing Use For: Soldiers familiesFaithfulness Broader Term(s): FamilyUse: Loyalty Related Term(s): SoldiersFake books (Music) FamilyUse: Fakebooks (Music) Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 306.85Fakebooks (Music) Scope Note: Use for materials stressing theDewey: 780.26 sociological concept and structure ofScope Note: Use for materials that provide the family. Materials stressing themusicians with the melody, chord everyday life, interaction, and377'