b'Sears List of Subject Headingsrelationships of family members are Broader Term(s): Religious lifeentered under Family life. FamilyUnited StatesSee Also: types of family members, e.g.Children; Fathers; Mothers; etc., Dewey: 306.850973types of family relationships, e.g. Family allowancesCanadaMother-son relationship; and Dewey: 362.7; 368.4names of individual persons with the Use For: Baby bonussubdivision Family [to be added as Broader Term(s): Social securityCanadaneeded]Broader Term(s): Interpersonal relations Family and workSociology Use: Work and familyNarrower Term(s):Aunts Family budgetBirth order Use: Household budgetsChildrenClans Family businessesCousins Use: Family-owned businessDaughters enterprisesDivorceDual-career families Family caregiversFamilies of soldiers Use: CaregiversFamily life Family Compact (Canada)Family sizeFarm families Dewey: 971.03Fathers Broader Term(s): OntarioHistory1791-1841Grandparent-grandchild Related Term(s): Chteau Cliquerelationship Family counselingGrandparents Use: Family therapyHusbandsKinship Family devotionsMarriage Use: Devotional exercisesMarried people FamilyReligious lifeMothers Family farmsParent-child relationshipParenthood Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyParents Dewey: 338.1; 630Siblings Broader Term(s): FarmsSingle-parent families Related Term(s): Farm familiesSons Farm lifeStepfamilies Small farmsTribes Family financeUncles Use: Personal financeWivesWork and family Family group therapyRelated Term(s): Domestic relations Use: Family therapyFamily reunions Family historiesHomeUse: GenealogyFamilyBiblical teaching Family leaveDewey: 248.4; 261.8Use: Parental leaveFamilyCanada Family lifeDewey: 306.850971Use For: Canadian family Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 306.85; 392.3; 646.7FamilyReligious life Scope Note: Use for materials stressing theDewey: 204; 248.4; 249 everyday life, interaction, andUse For: Family devotions; Family prayers; relationships of family members.Family worship Materials on the sociological378'