b'Fancy dressconcept and structure of the family Family therapyare entered under Family. Dewey: 616.89Use For: Family relations; Home life Use For: Family counseling; Family groupBroader Term(s): Family therapy; Family psychotherapy;Narrower Term(s):Family traditions Problem familiesCounseling ofBroader Term(s): CounselingFamily life education PsychotherapyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Family traditionsDewey: 306.85; 362.82; 372.37 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Education Dewey: 306.85; 392.3Narrower Term(s):Home economics Broader Term(s): Family lifeMarriage counseling Manners and customsSex educationRelated Term(s): Domestic relations Family treesFamily medicine Use: GenealogyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Family violenceDewey: 610 Use: Domestic violenceUse For: Family practice (Medicine); Generalpractice (Medicine) Family worshipBroader Term(s): Medicine Use: FamilyReligious lifeFamily names Family-owned business enterprisesUse: Personal names Dewey: 338.7Use For: Family businessesFamily planning Broader Term(s): Business enterprisesUse: Birth controlFaminesFamily practice (Medicine) Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Family medicine Dewey: 904Family prayers Broader Term(s): Food supplyUse: Devotional exercises StarvationFamilyReligious life FaminesUnited StatesFamily psychotherapy Dewey: 363.80973; 973Use: Family therapy Famous peopleFamily relations Use: CelebritiesUse: Domestic relations Fan ficFamily life Use: Fan fictionFamily reunions Fan fictionDewey: 394.2 Dewey: 808.83Use For: Reunions, Family Scope Note: Use for collections of fiction writtenRelated Term(s): Family by fans of specific authors, books,Family secrets films, television series, etc., and forDewey: 306.87 materials about such fiction.Broader Term(s): Secrecy Use For: Fan fic; FanficBroader Term(s): FictionFamily size Fan magazinesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: FanzinesDewey: 304.6Broader Term(s): Family FanaticismNarrower Term(s):Childlessness Dewey: 152.4; 200.1; 303Only child Use For: IntoleranceRelated Term(s): Birth control Broader Term(s): EmotionsFamily social work Fancy dressUse: Social case work Use: Costume379'