b'Fathers of the churchFashionable society Parent-child relationshipUse: Upper class Narrower Term(s):Father-daughter relationshipFast food restaurants Father-son relationshipGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Father-daughter relationshipDewey: 647.95 Dewey: 306.874Broader Term(s): Convenience foods Use For: Daughters and fathers; Fathers andRestaurants daughtersFast foods Broader Term(s): DaughtersUse: Convenience foods Father-child relationshipFathersFaster readingUse: Speed reading Father-son relationshipDewey: 306.874Fasting Use For: Fathers and sons; Sons and fathersDewey: 178; 204; 248.4; 296.7; 613.2 Broader Term(s): Father-child relationshipUse For: Abstinence FathersBroader Term(s): Asceticism SonsDietNarrower Term(s):Hunger strikes FatherhoodRelated Term(s): Hunger Dewey: 306.874Religious holidays Broader Term(s): ParenthoodStarvation Related Term(s): FathersFasts and feasts FathersUse: Religious holidays Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 306.874Fasts and feastsChristianity Broader Term(s): FamilyUse: Christian holidays MenFasts and feastsIslam Narrower Term(s):Absentee fathersUse: Islamic holidays Divorced fathersFather-child relationshipFasts and feastsJudaism Father-daughter relationshipUse: Jewish holidays Father-son relationshipStepfathersFatally ill children Teenage fathersUse: Terminally ill children Unmarried fathersFatally ill patients Related Term(s): FatherhoodUse: Terminally ill Fathers and daughtersFate and fatalism Use: Father-daughter relationshipDewey: 149 Fathers and sonsUse For: Destiny; Fortune Use: Father-son relationshipBroader Term(s): PhilosophyRelated Term(s): Free will and determinism Fathers of ConfederationPredestination Dewey: 920; 971.05Broader Term(s): CanadaHistory1867,Father and child ConfederationUse: Father-child relationship StatesmenCanadaFathers Day Fathers of the churchDewey: 394.263 Dewey: 270.1; 920Broader Term(s): Holidays Scope Note: Use for materials on the lives andFather-child relationship thought of the leaders of theDewey: 306.874 Christian church up to the time ofUse For: Child and father; Father and child Gregory the Great in the West andBroader Term(s): Children John of Damascus in the East.Fathers Individual works or collections ofthe writings of early Christian383'