b'Sears List of Subject Headingsauthors are entered under Early Fear of foreignersChristian literature. Use: XenophobiaUse For: Church fathers; Patristic philosophy; Fear of open spacesPatristics Use: AgoraphobiaBroader Term(s): Christian biographyRelated Term(s): Early Christian literature Fear of the darkDewey: 152.4Fatigue Broader Term(s): FearDewey: 152.1; 612; 613.7 Fear in childrenUse For: Exhaustion; WearinessBroader Term(s): Physiology Feast daysNarrower Term(s):Jet lag Use: Religious holidaysRelated Term(s): Rest Feast of DedicationFatness Use: HanukkahUse: Obesity Feast of LightsFats Use: HanukkahUse: Oils and fats FecundityFaults (Geology) Use: FertilityGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Federal aidDewey: 551.8 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Geology Dewey: 336Fauna Scope Note: Use for materials on centralUse: Animals government aid in federal systems.Zoology Materials on aid from governmentsat any level in non-federal systemsFawns and on aid from states, provinces, orUse: Deer local governments in federalFax machines systems are entered underUse: Fax transmission Government aid.See Also: federal aid to specific endeavors,Fax transmission e.g. Federal aid to the arts [to beDewey: 384.1; 621.382 added as needed]Scope Note: Use for the machines, the processes, Broader Term(s): Public financeand the products of facsimile Narrower Term(s):Federal aid to educationtransmission. Federal aid to librariesUse For: Facsimile transmission; Fax Federal aid to minority businessmachines enterprisesBroader Term(s): Data transmission systems Federal aid to the artsTelecommunication Related Term(s): Government aidFear Federal aidCanadaDewey: 152.4 Dewey: 336Broader Term(s): Emotions Scope Note: Use for materials on aid from theNarrower Term(s):Fear in children federal government. Materials onFear of the dark aid from provincial and territorial orHorror local governments are entered underPhobias Government aidCanada.Related Term(s): Anxiety Use For: CanadaFederal aidSee Also: federal aid to specific endeavors,Fear in children e.g. Federal aid to education Dewey: 155.41246 Canada [to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): Child psychology Narrower Term(s):Federal aid to education Fear CanadaNarrower Term(s):Fear of the dark Related Term(s): Government aidCanada384'