b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsFederal-city tax relationsCanada Feedback (Psychology)Use: Intergovernmental tax relations Dewey: 153.1 Canada Broader Term(s): Psychology of learningFederal-Indian relations Narrower Term(s):Biofeedback trainingRelated Term(s): Focus groupsUse: Native AmericansGovernmentrelations Feedback control systemsFederal-Indian relationsCanada Dewey: 629.8Broader Term(s): AutomationUse: First NationsGovernment Narrower Term(s):ServomechanismsrelationsFeeding behavior in animalsFederal-municipal relations Use: AnimalsFoodUse: Federal-city relationsFederal-provincial relations FeedsDewey: 636.08Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: FodderDewey: 312.02 See Also: types of feeds, e.g. Oats [to beUse For: Dominion-provincial relations; added as needed]Provincial-federal relations Broader Term(s): AnimalsFoodBroader Term(s): FederalismCanada Narrower Term(s):Forage plantsRelated Term(s): Provincial governments OatsFederal-provincial tax relationsCanada Silage and silosUse: Intergovernmental tax relations Related Term(s): Grasses Canada HayRoot cropsFederal-state relationsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Feel-and-touch booksDewey: 321.02 Use: Textured booksUse For: State-federal relations FeelingBroader Term(s): Federal government Use: PerceptionState governments TouchFederal-state tax relations FeelingsUse: Intergovernmental tax relations Use: EmotionsFederalism FeesUse: Federal government Use: Salaries, wages, etc.FederalismCanada FeetDewey: 320.471; 321.02 Use: FootScope Note: Use for materials on Canadianfederalism, its breakdown and Felidaeproposed remedies. Use also for Use: Wild catsgeneral materials on the federalstructure of government in Canada, Felinesincluding the division of powers Use: Catsbetween the federal and provincial Fellowshipsgovernments. Use: ScholarshipsUse For: CanadaFederal government;CanadaFederalism; CanadaFelonyNational unity problem; Canadian Use: Crimeunity problem; Federal government Canada; National unity problem Female actors(Canada) Use: ActressesNarrower Term(s):Federal-provincial relations Female circumcisionFederation of Europe Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: European federation Dewey: 392.1386'