b'Fictioncommemoration of some Broader Term(s): Land tenureperson,event, or principle are Medieval civilizationentered under Holidays. Materials Narrower Term(s):Peasantryon religious fasts and feasts are Related Term(s): Chivalryentered under Religious holidays. FeudsUse For: Fiestas Use: VendettaSee Also: types of festivals and names ofspecific festivals, e.g. Carnival [to Feverbe added as needed] Dewey: 616Broader Term(s): Manners and customs See Also:Narrower Term(s):Carnival Broader Term(s): PathologyCarnivals Related Term(s): Body temperatureCraft showsFilm festivals Fiber content of foodMusic festivals Use: FoodFiber contentParades Fiber glassPowwows Use: Glass fibersRelated Term(s): AnniversariesDays Fiber opticsHolidays Dewey: 621.36Pageants Broader Term(s): OpticsReligious holidaysFiberglassFestivalsCanada Use: Glass fibersDewey: 394.26971See Also: names of specific festivals, e.g. FibersStratford Festival (Ont.) [to be Dewey: 677added as needed] Use For: Textile fibersNarrower Term(s):Stratford Festival (Ont.) Narrower Term(s):CottonFlaxFestivalsUnited States Glass fibersDewey: 394.260973 HempFetal alcohol syndrome LinenDewey: 618.3 PaperBroader Term(s): Social problems SilkRelated Term(s): Birth defects WoolGrowth disorders Fibers, GlassFetal death Use: Glass fibersUse: Miscarriage FictionFetishes, Sexual Dewey: 808.83Use: Fetishism (Sexual behavior) Scope Note: Use for collections and materialsabout fiction from several countriesFetishism (Sexual behavior) and for materials on fiction as aDewey: 306.77 literary form, not for individualUse For: Fetishes, Sexual; Sexual fetishism works.Broader Term(s): Sex Use For: Novels; StoriesSee Also: fiction of particular nationalFetus literatures, e.g. American fiction;Dewey: 571.8; 612.6 genres of fiction, e.g. FantasyUse For: Unborn child fiction; and subjects, names ofBroader Term(s): Embryology places, and personal and corporateReproduction names with the subdivision Fiction,Feudalism to express the theme or subjectGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically content of collections of fiction, e.g.Dewey: 321 SlaveryUnited States Use For: Fiefs; Vassals Fiction; United StatesHistory389'