b'Sears List of Subject Headings 1861-1865, Civil WarShort storyFiction; OhioFiction; Napoleon Urban fictionI, Emperor of the French, War stories1769-1821Fiction; etc. [to be Western storiesadded as needed] FictionHistory and criticismBroader Term(s): Literature Dewey: 809.3Narrower Term(s):Adventure fictionAllegories FictionTechniqueAllegory Dewey: 808.3American fiction Broader Term(s): AuthorshipApocalyptic fictionBible fiction Fiction for childrenBildungsromans Use: Childrens storiesBiographical fiction Fictional charactersBlack humor (Literature) Dewey: 808.3Childrens stories Use For: Fictitious charactersChristian fiction See Also: names of individual literaryDidactic fiction characters established in the invertedDomestic fiction form with the qualifier (FictionalEnglish fiction character), e.g. Holmes, SherlockEpistolary fictionErotic fiction (Fictional character) [to be addedFables as needed]Fairy tales Broader Term(s): Characters and characteristics inFan fiction literatureFantasy fiction Narrower Term(s):Dracula, Count (FictionalFeminist fiction character)Folklore Fictional robotsGraphic novels Frankensteins monster (FictionalHistorical fiction character)Horror fiction Holmes, Sherlock (FictionalHumorous fiction character)Indian fiction Justice League (FictionalJewish religious fiction characters)Legal stories Potter, Harry (FictionalLegends character)Medical novels Shadowpact (Fictional characters)Metafiction Spider-Man (Fictional character)Movie novels Superman (Fictional character)Mystery fiction Wonder Woman (FictionalNapoleon I, 1769-1821 (Emperor character)of the French)Fiction Fictional placesParanormal fiction Use: Imaginary placesPastoral fictionPicaresque literature Fictional plotsPlot-your-own stories Use: Stories, plots, etc.Political fiction Fictional robotsPsychological fictionRadio and television novels Dewey: 741.5Religious fiction See Also: names of individual fictional robots,Romance fiction e.g. Neon Genesis EvangelionRomances (Fictional robot) [to be added asRomans à clef needed]School stories Broader Term(s): Fictional charactersScience fiction MechaSea stories Narrower Term(s):GundamShort stories Neon Genesis Evangelion390'