b'Film adaptationsFictitious characters FencingUse: Fictional characters GladiatorsFictitious names Military art and scienceUse: Pseudonyms Naval art and scienceSelf-defenseFictitious places Self-defense for womenUse: Imaginary places WarFiddle Figure drawingUse: Violins Dewey: 743.4Fiduciaries Use For: Human figure in artUse: Trusts and trustees Broader Term(s): Artistic anatomyDrawingFiefs Related Term(s): Figure paintingUse: Feudalism Figure paintingLand tenure Dewey: 757Field athletics Use For: Human figure in artUse: Track athletics Broader Term(s): Artistic anatomyPaintingField guides Related Term(s): Figure drawingUse topics with the subdivision Identification, e.g. Portrait paintingBirdsIdentificationFigure skatingField hockey Use: Ice skatingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 796.355 Figures of speechBroader Term(s): Sports Dewey: 808Use For: English languageFigures ofField hospitals speech; Imagery; TropesUse: Military hospitals Broader Term(s): RhetoricMilitary medicine SymbolismField photography Files and filingUse: Outdoor photography Dewey: 005.74; 025.3; 651.5Field trips Use For: Alphabetizing; Filing systemsBroader Term(s): Office managementGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): IndexingDewey: 069; 371.3Use For: School excursions; School trips Filing systemsBroader Term(s): Student activities Use: Files and filingFiestas Filling stationsUse: Festivals Use: Service stationsFifteenth century Fills (Earthwork)Use: World history15th century Use: LandfillsFifth column Film adaptationsUse: Subversive activities Dewey: 791.43World War, 1939-1945Scope Note: Use for individual works,Collaborationists collections, or materials about filmFifth of May (Holiday) adaptations of material from otherUse: Cinco de Mayo (Holiday) media.Use For: Adaptations; Filmed books; FilmsFighting from books; LiteratureFilm andUse: Battles video adaptations; Motion pictureBoxing adaptationsBullfights See Also: names of authors, titles ofDueling anonymous literary works, types of391'