b'Finding thingswith the subdivision Finance, e.g. Finance, PersonalEducationFinance [to be added Use: Personal financeas needed] Finance, PublicBroader Term(s): Economics Use: Public financeNarrower Term(s):BankruptcyBanks and banking Financial accountingBonds Use: AccountingCapital Financial aid to studentsCapital market Use: Student aidChurch financeColleges and universitiesFinancial crashesFinance Use: Financial crisesCommerceCorporationsFinance Financial crisesCredit Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDebt Dewey: 338.5Deflation (Finance) Use For: Crashes (Finance); FinancialEducationFinance crashes; Financial panics; PanicsEndowments (Finance); Stock exchange crashes;Financial crises Stock market panicsFinancial risk Broader Term(s): FinanceForeign exchange Related Term(s): Business cyclesFund raising Systemic riskIncome Financial derivativesInflation (Finance) Use: Derivative securitiesInsuranceInterest (Economics) Financial institutionsInternational finance Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyInvestments Dewey: 332.1Library finance Use For: Lending institutionsLoans Broader Term(s): AssociationsMoney Narrower Term(s):Capital marketPersonal financePrices Financial panicsPublic finance Use: Financial crisesRailroadsFinance Financial planning, PersonalRefinancing Use: Personal financeSecuritiesSpeculation Financial riskStock exchanges Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUnited NationsFinance Dewey: 338.5Wealth Use For: Business risk (Finance); Money riskRelated Term(s): Monetary policy (Finance)FinanceCanada Broader Term(s): FinanceDewey: 332.0971; 332.71 RiskNarrower Term(s):Transfer paymentsCanada Narrower Term(s):Systemic riskFinanceMathematics Financial services industryUse: Business mathematics Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 332.1FinanceUnited States Broader Term(s): IndustriesDewey: 332.0973; 336.73 FinanciersFinance, Household Use: Capitalists and financiersUse: Household budgets Finding thingsFinance, Municipal Use: Lost and found possessionsUse: Municipal finance393'