b'Flipped classroomsFlagsUnited States Broader Term(s): Household pestsDewey: 929.9 InsectsUse For: American flag; United StatesPestsFlags Narrower Term(s):Fruit fliesFlannel boards Flies, ArtificialDewey: 371.33 Use: Artificial fliesBroader Term(s): TeachingAids and devicesFlash mobs FlightGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 629.13Dewey: 709.05 Use For: FlyingScope Note: Use for materials on large groups of See Also: types of animals with thepeople who gather in a subdivision Flight, e.g. Birds predetermined location, perform a Flight [to be added as needed]brief action, and quickly disperse. Broader Term(s): LocomotionBroader Term(s): Crowds Narrower Term(s):Animal flightPerformance art Related Term(s): AeronauticsFlats Flight attendantsUse: Apartments Dewey: 387.7Use For: Airline hostesses; AirlineFlatware, Silver stewardesses; Airline stewards;Use: Silverware Stewardesses, Airline; Stewards,AirlineFlavoring essences Broader Term(s): AirlinesDewey: 664Broader Term(s): Cooking Flight to the moonEssences and essential oils Use: Space flight to the moonFood Flight trainingFlax Use: AeronauticsStudy andGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically teachingDewey: 633.5; 677 AirplanesPilotingBroader Term(s): Fibers Flights around the worldRelated Term(s): Linen Use: AeronauticsFlightsFlea markets Flint implementsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Stone implementsDewey: 658.8Broader Term(s): Markets Flip booksSecondhand trade Dewey: 096Flexible hours of labor Scope Note: Use for individual works,Dewey: 331.25 collections, or materials about flipUse For: Alternative work schedules; Flexible books.work hours; Flextime; Four-day Use For: Flipbooksweek; Hours of labor, Flexible Broader Term(s): Toy and movable booksBroader Term(s): Hours of labor Related Term(s): Animation (Cinematography)Flexible work hours FlipbooksUse: Flexible hours of labor Use: Flip booksFlextime Flipped classroomsUse: Flexible hours of labor Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 371.39Flies Scope Note: Use for materials on the teachingDewey: 595.77 practice of students having directUse For: Fly; House flies interaction with the teacher bySee Also: types of flies [to be added as completing hands-on activities,needed] projects, discussions, and practice401'