b'Sears List of Subject Headingswork while at school among their Scope Note: Use for general materials on plansteachers and peers, and listen to and for miscellaneous collections oflectures or watch similar floor plans.supplemental material online while Broader Term(s): Architectural designsat home. FloorsUse For: Classrooms, FlippedBroader Term(s): Teaching Dewey: 690; 721Related Term(s): Homework Broader Term(s): ArchitectureDetailsBuildingsFloating hospitalsUse: Hospital ships FloraUse: BotanyFloats (Parades) PlantsUse: Parades Floral decorationFlood control Use: Flower arrangementGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Florence (Italy)HistoryDewey: 627Use For: Flood prevention Dewey: 945Broader Term(s): Hydraulic engineering Narrower Term(s):Medici, House ofRelated Term(s): Forest influences FloricultureFlood prevention Use: Flower gardeningUse: Flood control Florists designsFloods Use: Flower arrangementGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically FlourDewey: 363.34; 551.48; 904 Dewey: 641.3; 664Scope Note: May also be subdivided by names of Related Term(s): Grainrivers or river valleys, e.g. Floods Mississippi River. Flour millsBroader Term(s): Meteorology Dewey: 664Natural disasters Use For: Grist mills; Milling (Flour)Rain Broader Term(s): MillsWater Flow chartsRelated Term(s): RiversUse: Graphic methodsFloodsCanada System analysisDewey: 551.48; 971 FlowchartingScope Note: The heading Floods may besubdivided by the names of rivers or Use: Graphic methodsriver valleys, e.g. FloodsFraser System analysisRiver (B.C.). Flower arrangementFloodsFraser River (B.C.) Dewey: 745.92Dewey: 551.48; 971.1 Scope Note: Use for materials on the artisticarrangement of flowers, includingFloodsMississippi River decoration of houses, churches, etc.,Dewey: 363.34 with flowers.Use For: Designs, Floral; Floral decoration;Floods and forests Florists designs; Flowers Use: Forest influences ArrangementFloor hockey Broader Term(s): Decoration and ornamentDewey: 796.355 FlowersUse For: Indoor hockey Table setting and decorationBroader Term(s): SportsCanada Flower dryingFloor plans Use: FlowersDryingDewey: 729402'