b'FolkloreSee Also: folk drama of particular countries or Creole folk songsethnic groups, e.g. American folk Related Term(s): Balladsdrama [to be added as needed] National songsBroader Term(s): Drama Folk songsCanadaNarrower Term(s):American folk drama Dewey: 782.421620Puppets and puppet plays Use For: Canadian folk songs; Folk songs,Folk literature CanadianDewey: 398.2 Broader Term(s): Canadian songsBroader Term(s): Folklore Folk songsFranceLiterature Dewey: 782.421620Narrower Term(s):Jewish folk literature Use For: Folk songs, French; FranceFolkFolk lore songs; French folk songsUse: Folklore Folk songsOhioFolk medicine Dewey: 782.421620Use: Traditional medicine Folk songsUnited StatesFolk music Dewey: 782.421620Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: American folk songsDewey: 781.62 Broader Term(s): American songsBroader Term(s): Music Narrower Term(s):Spirituals (Songs)Narrower Term(s):Calypso (Music) Folk songs, CanadianCeltic music Use: Folk songsCanadaWorld musicFolk musicCanada Folk songs, CreoleDewey: 781.620097 Use: Creole folk songsUse For: Canadian folk music Folk songs, FrenchBroader Term(s): Canadian music Use: Folk songsFranceFolk musicUnited States Folk talesDewey: 781.620097 Use: FolkloreUse For: American folk music LegendsNarrower Term(s):Blues musicCountry music Folk zoologyUse: EthnozoologyFolk playsUse: Folk drama FolkloreGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyFolk psychology Dewey: 398Use: Ethnopsychology Scope Note: Use for general materials onFolk songs folklore. May also be used forGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically individual works, collections, orDewey: 782.42162 materials about stories based onScope Note: Use for materials about folk songs spoken rather than written traditions.and collections of folk songs that Use For: Folk beliefs; Folk lore; Folk tales;include both words and music. Tales; TraditionsMaterials about ballads and See Also: topics as themes in folklore with thecollections of ballads without music subdivision Folklore, e.g. Plants are entered under Ballads. Folklore; names of ethnic orSee Also: folk songs of particular ethnic occupational groups with thegroups, e.g. Creole folk songs [to subdivision Folklore, e.g. Inuit be added as needed] Folklore; types of folkloricBroader Term(s): Folklore creatures, e.g. Elves; and names ofSongs individual legendary characters, e.g.Vocal music Bunyan, Paul (LegendaryNarrower Term(s):Carols character) [to be added as needed]405'