b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsBroader Term(s): Ethnology FoodFiction Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyManners and customs Dewey: 641; 641.3; 664Narrower Term(s):African AmericansFolklore See Also: types of foods, names of specificAnimalsFolklore foods, and subjects with theBlacksFolklore subdivision Food [to be added asChapbooks needed]Charms Broader Term(s): Home economicsDragons Narrower Term(s):AnimalsFoodElves Artificial foodsFairies BeveragesFolk literature BreadFolk songs ChocolateGhosts Convenience foodsGiants Dietetic foodsGnomes DiningGoblins Dried foodsGrail Edible plantsInuitFolklore EggsJewsFolklore Farm produceMonsters Fermented foodsNative AmericansFolklore Fish as foodNursery rhymes Flavoring essencesPlantsFolklore Food of animal originProverbs Frozen foodsRoland (Legendary character) FruitSagas HoneySuperstition MeatTall tales MilkTongue twisters Minerals in human nutritionUrban folklore Natural foodsVampires NutsWeatherFolklore Pollen as foodWerewolves Prepared cerealsWitchcraft School childrenFoodZombies SeafoodRelated Term(s): Fables Snack foodsFairy tales SpicesLegends SugarMaterial culture VegetablesMythology VitaminsStorytelling Related Term(s): CookingDietFolkloreCanada Food industryDewey: 398.0971; 398.2 GastronomyGrocery tradeFolkloreUnited States NutritionDewey: 398.0973Narrower Term(s):Bunyan, Paul (Legendary FoodAnalysischaracter) Dewey: 664Scope Note: Use for materials on methods ofFolklore, Acadian analyzing foods. MaterialsUse: AcadiansFolklore presenting the results of the analysisFolklore, Medical of foods are entered under Food Use: Traditional medicine Composition.Use For: Analysis of food; Chemistry ofFolkways food; Food chemistryUse: Manners and customs406'