b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsNarrower Term(s):Space and time FranceBlacksTime travel Use: BlacksFranceFourth of July FranceFolk songsDewey: 394.2634 Use: Folk songsFranceUse For: 4th of July; Independence Day FranceHistory(United States); July Fourth Dewey: 944Broader Term(s): HolidaysUnited StatesHistoryFranceHistory0-13281775-1783, Revolution Dewey: 944Narrower Term(s):CeltsFracking (Engineering)Use: Hydraulic fracturing FranceHistory1328-1589, House of ValoisDewey: 944Fractal geometry Narrower Term(s):Hundred Years War, 1339-1453Use: Fractals Saint Bartholomews Day,Fractals Massacre of, 1572Dewey: 514 FranceHistory1589-1789, BourbonsUse For: Fractal geometry; Sets of fractional Dewey: 944dimension; Sets, FractalBroader Term(s): Geometry FranceHistory1789-1799, RevolutionMathematical models Dewey: 944.04Set theory Use For: Directory, French, 1795-1799;Topology French Revolution; Reign of Terror;Revolution, French; Terror, ReignFractions ofDewey: 513.2 Broader Term(s): RevolutionsBroader Term(s): ArithmeticMathematics FranceHistory1799-1815Dewey: 944.05Fractured fairy tales Narrower Term(s):Napoleonic Wars, 1800-1815Dewey: 398.2; 808.83Use For: Fairy talesParodies, imitations, FranceHistory1815-1914etc. Dewey: 944.06Broader Term(s): Fairy tales FranceHistory1914-1940Parodies Dewey: 944.081Fractures FranceHistory1940-1945, GermanDewey: 617.1Broader Term(s): Bones occupationWounds and injuries Dewey: 944.081Use For: German occupation of France,Fracturing, Hydraulic 1940-1945Use: Hydraulic fracturingFranceHistory1945-Fragrant gardens Dewey: 944.082Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 635.9 FranceHistory1945-1958Use For: Gardening for fragrance; Scented Dewey: 944.082gardens FranceHistory1958-Broader Term(s): Gardens Dewey: 944.083Related Term(s): Aromatic plants Use For: FranceHistory1958-1969;Framing of pictures FranceHistory1969-Use: Picture frames and framing FranceHistory1958-1969France Use: FranceHistory1958-Dewey: 944 FranceHistory1969-Scope Note: May be subdivided like United Use: FranceHistory1958-States except for History.416'