b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsFreelancers Use For: FSL; French languageStudy andUse: Self-employed teaching as a second languageFreemasons French Canadian almanacsDewey: 366 Use: Canadian almanacs (French)Use For: Masonic orders; Masons (Secretorder) French Canadian authorsBroader Term(s): Secret societies Use: Canadian authors (French)Freeware French Canadian balladsUse: Free computer software Use: Canadian ballads (French)Freeways French Canadian childrens literatureUse: Express highways Use: Canadian childrens literatureFreeze-dried foods (French)Dewey: 641.4; 664 French Canadian dialectUse For: Food, Freeze-dried Use: French languageCanadaBroader Term(s): Dried foods French languageQuebecFreezing (Province)Use: Cryobiology French Canadian diariesFrost Use: Canadian diaries (French)IceRefrigeration French Canadian dramaUse: Canadian drama (French)Freezing of human bodiesUse: Cryonics French Canadian dramatistsUse: Canadian dramatists (French)FreightGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically French Canadian essaysDewey: 388 Use: Canadian essays (French)Use For: Freight and freightage French Canadian fictionBroader Term(s): Maritime law Use: Canadian fiction (French)Materials handlingRailroads French Canadian humorTransportation Use: Canadian wit and humorNarrower Term(s):Commercial aeronautics (French)TruckingRelated Term(s): RailroadsRates French Canadian lettersUse: Canadian letters (French)Freight and freightageUse: Freight French Canadian literatureUse: Canadian literature (French)French and Indian WarUse: United StatesHistoryFrench Canadian newspapers1755-1763, French and Indian Use: French-language newspapers War CanadaFrench and Indian WarCanada French Canadian novelistsUse: CanadaHistory1755-1763, Use: Canadian novelists (French)Seven Years War French Canadian periodicalsFrench and Indian WarUnited States Use: French-language periodicals Use: United StatesHistoryCanada1755-1763, French and Indian French Canadian poetryWar Use: Canadian poetry (French)French as a second language French Canadian poetsDewey: 440.7; 448 Use: Canadian poets (French)420'