b'French poetryFrench Canadian prose literature French languageConversation and phrase booksUse: Canadian prose literature Dewey: 448(French) Use For: French languageConversationsFrench Canadian quotations and phrasesUse: Canadian quotations (French) French languageConversations and phrasesFrench Canadian satire Use: French languageConversationand phrase booksUse: Canadian satire (French)French languageDictionariesEnglishFrench Canadian short stories Dewey: 443Use: Canadian short stories (French) Scope Note: Use for French-English dictionaries.French Canadian wit and humor English-French dictionaries areUse: Canadian wit and humor entered under English language (French) DictionariesFrench. CombinedFrench-English and English-FrenchFrench Canadian young adult literature dictionaries are entered under bothUse: Canadian young adult literature headings.(French) Use For: Foreign language dictionariesFrench Canadians Broader Term(s): Encyclopedias and dictionariesRelated Term(s): English languageDictionariesDewey: 305.811; 971FrenchBroader Term(s): CanadiansFrench cookery French languageQuebec (Province)Dewey: 440.09714Use: French cooking Use For: French Canadian dialect; JoualFrench cooking Broader Term(s): CanadaLanguagesDewey: 641.5944 French languageReading materialsUse For: Cookery, French; French cookery Dewey: 448.6Broader Term(s): CookingFrench Equatorial Africa French languageStudy and teaching as a secondUse: French-speaking Equatorial languageAfrica Use: French as a second languageFrench folk songs French literatureUse: Folk songsFrance Dewey: 840Scope Note: May use same subdivisions andFrench language names of literary forms as forDewey: 440 English literature.Scope Note: May be subdivided like English Broader Term(s): Literaturelanguage. Romance language literatureBroader Term(s): Language and languages Narrower Term(s):French poetryRomance languages French literatureBlack authorsFrench languageCanada Dewey: 840.8; 840.9Dewey: 440.0971 Scope Note: Use for collections or materialsScope Note: Use for general materials on the about French literature by severalFrench language in Canada. Black authors, not for individualMaterials limited to the usage of works.words and expressions peculiar to Use For: Black literature (French)Canada are entered under French literatureCanadaCanadianisms. Use: Canadian literature (French)Use For: Canadian French language; FrenchCanadian dialect French poetryBroader Term(s): CanadaLanguages Dewey: 841Narrower Term(s):Canadianisms Broader Term(s): French literatureFrench languageCanadianisms PoetryUse: Canadianisms Narrower Term(s):Troubadours421'