b'FruitDiseases and pestsFriends FrontiersUse: Friendship Use: BoundariesFriends and associates FrostUse names of individuals with the subdivision Friends Dewey: 551.3and associates [to be added as needed] Use For: FreezingFriends, Society of Broader Term(s): MeteorologyWaterUse: Society of Friends Narrower Term(s):IceFriendship RefrigerationDewey: 177 Frozen animal embryosUse For: Affection; Friends Use: Frozen embryosBroader Term(s): Human behaviorNarrower Term(s):Crushes Frozen embryosFemale friendship Dewey: 176; 571.8; 612.6Related Term(s): Love Use For: Animal embryos, Frozen; Embryos,Friendship between women Frozen; Frozen animal embryos;Frozen human embryos; HumanUse: Female friendship embryos, FrozenFriendship in women Broader Term(s): CryobiologyUse: Female friendship EmbryologyFriesian cattle Frozen foodsUse: Holstein-Friesian cattle Dewey: 641.4; 664Broader Term(s): FoodFrogs Narrower Term(s):Ice cream, ices, etc.Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): FoodPreservationDewey: 597.8 Frozen groundUse For: TadpolesBroader Term(s): Amphibians Use: PermafrostFrogsDissection Frozen human embryosDewey: 597.8 Use: Frozen embryosBroader Term(s): Dissection Frozen starsFront de libration du Qubec Use: Black holes (Astronomy)Use: FLQ FruitFront yards and backyards Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 634; 641.3Dewey: 712 Scope Note: Names of tree fruits may be used forUse For: Backyards; Yards (Landscape either the fruit or the tree.architecture) See Also: types of fruits, e.g. Berries; Apples;Related Term(s): Lawns Citrus fruits; etc. [to be added asneeded]Frontier and pioneer life Broader Term(s): FoodGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically PlantsDewey: 978 Narrower Term(s):ApplesUse For: Border life; Pioneer life BerriesBroader Term(s): Adventure and adventurers Citrus fruitsNarrower Term(s):Cowhands Fruit cultureNative AmericansCaptivities GrapesOverland journeys to the PacificRanch life FruitCanningUse: FruitPreservationFrontier and pioneer lifeCanadaDewey: 971 FruitDiseases and pestsUse For: Canadian pioneer life Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 634Broader Term(s): Agricultural pests423'