b'FunniesFunctional competencies Funding for the artsUse: Life skills Use: Art patronageFunctional equations ArtsGovernment policyFederal aid to the artsDewey: 515Use For: Equations, Functional FundsBroader Term(s): Equations Use: FinanceFunctions Funeral customs and ritesNarrower Term(s):Integral equationsUse: Funeral rites and ceremoniesFunctional literacyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Funeral directorsDewey: 302.2; 374 Use: Undertakers and undertakingUse For: Occupational literacy Funeral rites and ceremoniesBroader Term(s): Literacy Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyFunctions Dewey: 393Dewey: 511.3 Use For: Funeral customs and rites; Graves;Use For: Analysis (Mathematics) Mortuary customs; MourningBroader Term(s): Differential equations customsMathematical analysis See Also: ethnic groups and native peoplesMathematics with the subdivision FuneralSet theory customs and rites [to be added asNarrower Term(s):Functional equations needed]Related Term(s): Calculus Broader Term(s): Manners and customsRites and ceremoniesFund raising Narrower Term(s):DeadGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): BurialDewey: 361.7068; 658.15 CremationUse For: Community chests; Money raising FungiBroader Term(s): FinanceRelated Term(s): Gifts Dewey: 579.5Use For: Diseases and pests; MycologyFundamental education Broader Term(s): Agricultural pestsUse: Basic education PestsFundamental life skills PlantsNarrower Term(s):Molds (Fungi)Use: Life skills Plant diseasesFundamental rights YeastUse: Civil rights Related Term(s): MushroomsHuman rights FungicidesFundamentalism Dewey: 632; 668Use: Christian fundamentalism Use For: GermicidesIslamic fundamentalism Broader Term(s): PesticidesReligious fundamentalism Related Term(s): Spraying and dustingFundamentalism and education Funicular railroadsUse: Church and education Use: Cable railroadsCreationism Funk (Music)Religion in the public schools Dewey: 781.644Fundamentalism and evolution Scope Note: Use for individual works,Use: Creationism collections, or materials about funk.Broader Term(s): Popular musicFundamentalist movements Related Term(s): Rhythm and blues musicUse: Religious fundamentalism Soul musicFunding FunniesUse: Finance Use: Comic books, strips, etc.425'