b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsGay womens writings GearsUse: Lesbians writings Use: GearingGay youth GeeseGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 305.235; 306.76 Dewey: 598.4; 636.5Broader Term(s): Youth Use For: GooseNarrower Term(s):Gay teenagers Broader Term(s): BirdsGays PoultryGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically GeishasDewey: 306.76 Dewey: 792.7Scope Note: Use for materials that discuss both Broader Term(s): Entertainersmale and female gay people. Gemini projectMaterials on male gay people areentered under Gay men. Materials Dewey: 629.45on lesbians are entered under Use For: Project GeminiLesbians. Broader Term(s): Orbital rendezvous (Space flight)Use For: Gay people; Homosexuals Space flightNarrower Term(s):Gay men GemsLesbians Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyOrdination of gays and lesbians Dewey: 736Related Term(s): Gay rights Scope Note: Use for materials on cut andGays and lesbians in the military polished precious stones treatedUse: LGBT people in the military from the point of view of art orantiquity. Materials on gem stonesGays in the military treated from a mineralogical orUse: LGBT people in the military technological point of view areentered under Precious stones.Gays, Female Materials on gems in which theUse: Lesbians emphasis is on the setting areGays, Male entered under Jewelry.Use: Gay men Use For: JewelsBroader Term(s): ArcheologyGazetteers ArtDewey: 910.3 Decoration and ornamentSee Also: names of countries, states, etc., with Engravingthe subdivision Gazetteers, e.g. MineralsUnited StatesGazetteers [to be Related Term(s): Jewelryadded as needed] Precious stonesBroader Term(s): Geography GemstonesNarrower Term(s):OhioGazetteersUnited StatesGazetteers Use: Precious stonesRelated Term(s): Geographic names Gen XGDP Use: Generation XUse: Gross domestic product Gen YGearing Use: Millennials (Persons)Dewey: 621.8 Gender identityUse For: Bevel gearing; Cog wheels; Gears; Dewey: 305.3Spiral gearing Scope Note: Use for materials on the patterns ofBroader Term(s): Machinery attitudes and behavior appropriate toPower transmission one sex rather than the other that aWheels person sets for him- or herself.Narrower Term(s):AutomobilesTransmission Works on the patterns of attitudesdevices and behavior that are regarded asRelated Term(s): Mechanical movements appropriate to one sex rather than432'