b'Generic productsthe other are entered under Gender See Also: countries, cities, etc., corporaterole. bodies, ethnic groups, and classes ofUse For: Sexual identity persons with the subdivisionBroader Term(s): Identity (Psychology) Genealogy; names of individualRelated Term(s): Gender role persons with the subdivisionFamily; and names of families, e.g.Gender role Lincoln family [to be added asDewey: 305.3 needed]Scope Note: Use for materials on the patterns of Broader Term(s): Historyattitudes and behavior that are Narrower Term(s):Registers of births, etc.regarded as appropriate to one sex Willsrather than the other. Works on the Related Term(s): Biographypatterns of attitudes and behavior Heraldryappropriate to one sex rather thanthe other that a person sets for him- General practice (Medicine)or herself are entered under Gender Use: Family medicineidentity. General storesUse For: Female role; Male role; Sex role Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Sex Dewey: 381.1Sex differences (Psychology) Use For: Country storesSocial role Broader Term(s): Retail tradeNarrower Term(s):Androgyny StoresTranssexualismRelated Term(s): Gender identity GeneralsQueer theory Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySexism Dewey: 355.0092; 920Gender studies Broader Term(s): Military personnelDewey: 305.307 Generation gapBroader Term(s): Education Use: Conflict of generationsRelated Term(s): Womens studiesGeneration XGene mapping Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 572.8 Dewey: 305.2Use For: Chromosome mapping; Genetic Use For: Baby bust generation; Gen Xmapping; Genome mapping Broader Term(s): PopulationBroader Term(s): GeneticsGeneration YGene splicing Use: Millennials (Persons)Use: Genetic engineeringGenerative organsGene therapy Use: Reproductive systemDewey: 616Scope Note: Use for materials on therapeutic Generators, Electricefforts involving the replacement or Use: Electric generatorssupplementation of genes in order to Generic drugscure diseases caused by genetic Dewey: 615defects. Use For: DrugsGeneric substitutionUse For: Therapy, Gene Broader Term(s): DrugsBroader Term(s): Genetic engineering Generic productsTherapeuticsGene transfer Generic productsUse: Genetic engineering Dewey: 658.8Use For: Products, GenericGenealogy Broader Term(s): Commercial productsDewey: 929.1 ManufacturesUse For: Ancestry; Descent; Family histories; Narrower Term(s):Generic drugsFamily trees; Pedigrees433'