b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsGenerosity Use For: Recombination, GeneticDewey: 179 Broader Term(s): ChromosomesUse For: Giving Narrower Term(s):Genetic engineeringGenes Genetic transformationUse: Heredity Recombinant DNAGenetic aspects Genetic surgeryUse types of diseases with the subdivision Genetic Use: Genetic engineeringaspects, e.g. CancerGenetic aspects [to be Genetic transformationadded as needed] Dewey: 576.5Genetic code Use For: Transformation (Genetics)Dewey: 572.8 Broader Term(s): Genetic recombinationBroader Term(s): Molecular biology GeneticsGenetic counseling Dewey: 576.5Dewey: 616; 618 See Also: types of diseases with theBroader Term(s): Medical genetics subdivision Genetic aspects, e.g.Prenatal diagnosis CancerGenetic aspects [to beadded as needed]Genetic engineering Broader Term(s): BiologyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically EmbryologyDewey: 660.6 Life (Biology)Use For: Designed genetic change; Mendels lawEngineering, Genetic; Gene Reproductionsplicing; Gene transfer; Genetic Narrower Term(s):Adaptation (Biology)intervention; Genetic surgery; Behavior geneticsSplicing of genes; Transgenics ChromosomesBroader Term(s): Engineering EugenicsGenetic recombination Gene mappingNarrower Term(s):Cloning GenomesFertilization in vitro Human genomeGene therapy Medical geneticsMolecular cloning Natural selectionRecombinant DNA Nature and nurtureRelated Term(s): Biotechnology Plant geneticsGenetic engineeringGovernment policy Variation (Biology)Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): BreedingDewey: 353.7; 660.6 HeredityGenetic engineeringSocial aspects Genetics (Botany)Dewey: 306.4 Use: Plant geneticsGenetic fingerprinting Genetics and environmentUse: DNA fingerprinting Use: Nature and nurtureGenetic fingerprints Genie AwardsUse: DNA fingerprinting Dewey: 791.43079Use For: Academy Awards, CanadianGenetic intervention (Motion pictures); CanadianUse: Genetic engineering Academy Awards (Motion pictures)Broader Term(s): AwardsCanadaGenetic mapping Related Term(s): Motion picturesCanadaUse: Gene mappingGenital mutilation, FemaleGenetic profiling Use: Female circumcisionUse: DNA fingerprintingGenitaliaGenetic recombination Use: Reproductive systemDewey: 572.8434'