b'GeographyGenius Geographic namesUnited StatesDewey: 153.9 Dewey: 917.3Use For: Talent Use For: United StatesGeographic namesBroader Term(s): Psychology Geographical atlasesNarrower Term(s):Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)Use: AtlasesGeniusesUse: Gifted people Geographical distributionUse types of plants and animals with the subdivisionGenocide Geographical distribution, e.g. Fishes Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Geographical distribution [to be added as needed]Dewey: 179.7; 364.15Use For: Ethnic cleansing; Ethnocide Geographical distribution of animals and plantsBroader Term(s): Crimes against humanity Use: BiogeographyGenome Geographical distribution of peopleUse: Genomes Use: Human geographyGenome mapping Geographical distribution of plantsUse: Gene mapping Use: PlantsGeographicaldistributionGenomesDewey: 572.8 Geographical mythsUse For: Genome Dewey: 398.23Broader Term(s): Genetics Scope Note: Use for materials on legendary ormythical places. Materials onGenre painting imaginary places created for literaryDewey: 754 or artistic purposes are enteredBroader Term(s): Painting under Imaginary places.Geochemistry Use For: Cities, ImaginaryDewey: 551.9 Broader Term(s): MythologyUse For: Chemical geology; EarthNarrower Term(s):Atlantis (Legendary place)Chemical composition; Geological Lost continentschemistry GeographyBroader Term(s): Chemistry Dewey: 910Earth sciences Scope Note: Use for general materials, frequentlyPetrology school materials, that describe theNarrower Term(s):Geothermal resources surface of the earth and itsGeodesy interrelationship with variousDewey: 526 peoples, animals, natural products,Use For: Degrees of latitude and longitude and industries. Materials limited to aBroader Term(s): Earth particular place are entered underMeasurement the name of the place with theNarrower Term(s):Latitude subdivision Geography. GeneralLongitude descriptive materials and travelRelated Term(s): Surveying materials limited to a particularplace are entered under the name ofGeographic names the place (except extinct cities) withGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically the subdivision Description andDewey: 910 travel. Materials on the physicalUse For: Names, Geographical; Place names features of the earths surface and itsBroader Term(s): Names atmosphere are entered underRelated Term(s): Gazetteers Physical geography.Use For: Social studiesGeographic namesCanada See Also: names of countries, states, etc., withDewey: 917.1 the subdivisions Description andUse For: CanadaGeographic names; travel and Geography; and sacredCanadian names; Canadian place works with the subdivisionnames435'